Tuesday, October 5, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Numero Dos

"4 Outta 6" One of the 1st beats I wrote to for this project, produced by Intrikit. Nothing out of the ordinary concept wise. I went with the whole "What, When, Where, & Why" for the theme here as evident on the hook (thus "4 Outta 6" omitting How & Who).... Upright bass is THE instrument, man. I've always preferred the sound since "Catch A Bad One" by Del which is by far one of the better examples of upright bass usage (Or maybe that's a cello, either or, same sh!t to me, I can't play no instruments). Originally planned to be the 1st track after the intro, I felt it didn't have the power that "The World According To Peter Pansy" contained (as did others, peer pressure's a b!tch). Song ain't really come to life until Gibran laced some much needed arrangement and additions to it. I mean, it was frESH on its own, but the extra additives really made it a point of interest. One additive in particular is an audio reference to an aged Masta Ace banger even though I was actually referencing an aged Ed OG banger (See IF? you notice when you hear the song).

Oh, and that's right, I said Gibran mixed and arranged this ish as he did the entire project. F*ck what ya heard....

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