Friday, October 8, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number Fever

"Brad Sellers Parts I & II"
Let's face it, you have no clue as to who Brad Sellers is... During the mid 80s when the Chicago Bulls were just St.ARTing to steer in the right direction with Mike and Co. they drafted a 6'10" power(less) forward from Ohio State who was also an originatal OH10 native.... Great college hoops cat entering into the NBA to play with the greatest of all time just becoming the greatest. Don't you know this 6'10" clumsy muhf*cka tried to be the tall(er) version of Mike? The really bad version of Mike should I say. This dude was a joke to me. He would try to pull some ole' Mike reverse fanciness and fail horribly as the ball would get stuck under the rim and whatnot. I always wanted to name a track after his dumb ass just to give this lumix some form of legitamacy. The KRS and De La vocal samples that run during Parts 1 & 2 shed light on why these tracks were named in honor of our non-hero and traded 4 times NBA failure Brad Sellers. At least he had some game in college. I even think this dude went pretty high in the draft! Produced by Dox, I originally planned on this being the first ish you hear after the intro when I first, first, first embarked on working on the project. To be honest, I even considered cutting these joints, but those whose ears I trust told me not to. It might just be I placed them in the wrong spot on the actual project. We were even a bit stumped as to how we were going to make both tracks mesh into one. I will say, some cats have already stepped up and claim to fully enjoy both parts 1 & 2. It's easy for me to write to beats that already have hooks added to them via sample. Maybe too easy. Maybe that's why I question the fitting in and merit of these songs. At the end of the day, it's not on me IF? yall like it or not, so I'ma see what yall say (or don't) when the record drops....

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