Thursday, October 21, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number 15

"Good Hair" Yo, doesn't ya man in the chair look like an extremely aged Missing Ellaments? Ha! It's not him. Another odd flick I caught for entertainment's sake. Then why pictures of bald folk when explaining a song entitled "Good Hair"? I used to have stright f*ckin' hair. It was quite a spectacle, being a black man and all. I used to defy what Gawd gave me by braiding it, cutting it low, and even growing dreads a few times. In the end, my "good" hair ended up gone! I been bald for like 12 years now. The last time I had hair on my head my Mom took a picture of me doing random ish to waste film and when I took a look at the flick I was disgusted to find my hairline had crept back far enough for me to need to shave my head and keep it that way! Another beat produced by the infamous Gnostic. I've already been told that it's a bit of a disappointment to have my last solo track "ever" to be a joint about me losing my hair. Sh!t yo, it's a disappointment I have a bad hair line in life, man. These things happen. Don't worry, there might just be a little outro for yall to feast on before the disc St.ARTs over again from the intro. The sample's dumb recognizable. Here's to all my bald bretheren worldwide, somebody finally complained about going bald on record. Good hair, my ass. More like gone hair. Sh!t.

I hope yall enjoyed my thoughts shared, I wouldn't know IF? you do cause you fockers like to read and not write back. That's bad pen pal status right there!
Tomorrow St.ARTs the campaign.
Maybe even a pre-order.
Keep checkin the blog to see, ya silent lurkers!!!

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