Monday, October 18, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number Eleven

"The Spit Pit"

Yeah, mistaken magic right here. The original song line up was supposed to be myself, Prone2 of The Greater Good, Shawn Jackson, & Roc Doogie... To make a long story mini me size, 2 of those cats blew me off something silent after committing to doing the track and getting the beat from I. I'll leave let alone, I'm trying hard not to open my mouth IF? not necessary even though the f*ckin cattle prods been out and about lately antagonizing. I'll save that lecture for a more infuriated day. I ended up landing my brothers Roc Doogie (of Phenetiks) & Dirty Ice (of Durdie Dirty) on said track. Roc was actually apart of the original cast so there are still e mails in existence addressing those who omitted getting down for the get down. Anyhow, Roc laced this ish first and it prompted me to write and record my ish as soon as I could get it done. Ice was attempting to contract Esh to help him record and laced my ish while doing so... Actually, Ice tried to record a very well prepared verse one night, couldn't nail it, and ended up spitting some whole other ish. I asked him to come back through and lace the original verse whilst recording with Esh anyhow and he did. I like that verse yo, it's good stuff. Stellar beat selection by way of Dox, I mean, this ish to me sounds like Peter Phillips all day, but then again I just use my ears to judge music. Gibran added some elements and helped out with the arrangement. All in all, posse cuts is coming back, captain! I been rocking my verse to this live for a few, so long that the last time we rocked Cousin Larry's in Danbury, CT I rocked this ish with my brother Roc Doogie next to me doing his ish. We got some theme music yall....

FYI: Manufacturing has hit me up and let me know that our newest catalog number will be to us by the end of the week. I obviously have a great deal of sh!t to do in preparation. My wife's best friend is getting married Saturday and my wife is all in (the wedding even!). I think my son has a doctor's appointment this week for a booster shot. All whilst I continue to work at my place of employment 6 days a week and damn near 2 shifts.... When it rains it pours, people.

Happy B Day to Len Ramos (LenAce Entertainment) & my brother Bizz Benwa.

RIP to Eyedea. I ain't know you none and I ain't about to hop on the already overwhelming bandwagon of everyone-thought-they-was-ya-best-friend, but I will share this reality based nugget of knolly. Last summer we were scheduled to open for E&A like PDP do every time they came to town. Some sort of beef ensued between the promoter of like shows and the venue that housed them so the show got moved downstairs from this place at a spot that is known more for the Gothic frolic than the boom bap. We showed up early to get instructions from a sound man we've worked with many a time before who chose to not know us this night and let us know that the doors opened at 8PM and we were on at 7:30. IF? it hadn't been that Reason was scheduled to rock as the doors opened, we all wouldn't have ended up in the same hypothetical boat IF? you will.... You see, they brought an opener (Kristoff Krane?) and he was on at 8:20PM. He was on 'til 8:50PM and E&A was scheduled to rock from 9PM 'til 10:20 - 10:30PM.... which in the end was due to the impromptu club change abiding by "club night" rules (show ends early so club can reopen or close for night)... Bottom line, these cats was about to rock for an hour and a half?!? We bounced and enjoyed a good night of dranking after that even though no one wanted to let us parlay in their apartment like that. Rest In Everlasting Peace Eyedea.... At 28 years of age, you were far too young to add onto the extensive list of deceased hip hop practitioners.

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