Thursday, October 7, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Numero Fo'

"Electric Ukelele" Featuring Esh, Storm Davis, & Romen RokThis track... One bored ass afternoon waiting for Esh I ended up at a highly motivated Storm Davis' cribbo who suggested we write to a Dox track he had and see what came out of it. Romen hit me on the horn that day and wanted in on doing "something" so he shot through and started writing a verse as well. At this point we were recording a track for the sake of recording a track which is some ish that never happens. I think it was understood that IF? the track was usable we would include it on one of the projects Storm was/is working on. When Esh gave the call that he was back at his rest, we packed up and headed over. Uploaded the track into Pro Tools, Esh penned a verse and Romen finished his. I believe there might have been a small debate regarding Romen holding onto his verse because he still needed more material for his then still being recorded "Absolutely". One by one we went into the booth and dropped our science. When it was all said and done I housed the track and claimed it in the name of "SOLAST"! (Ha!) We left it hookless and not arranged, so when it got to the mixing phase with Gibran (Happy B Day yesterday!) there was still missing elements. Gibran opted to do a likkle something during the hook/break where as cuts were lightly suggested. What he ended up doing made far more sense as did the drops, added samples, and mix that he put onto the track. Very direct and hard hitting jawn might I add. 3 birds, one stone. Let me remind all that I enjoy making music with like minds and have no problem showcasing my musical comrades on my works. I mean, sh!t, they'd do it for me, right? (lol) *Then I woke up.* (lol) All in all, this track is pretty on smash in my opinion and a great look "posse cut" wise... Best Storm Davis verse I ever did hear to boot...

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