Saturday, July 23, 2011

While The Boss Is Away (Week 1)

Every year around this time I take a step out of the office for a few weeks and f*ckin live for a second... Feel me?

traDISHinal New England.....

Coughin' up 50 bones for a non vinyl printed tee shirt and a shitload of gumball machine give-away (Though I do find use in the new tree stash box and candid home security defense tool.....)

DJ Deano Browne

Rainy days.....

Sunny days....

Fat muhf*ckas on bikes.....

RedBeard party crash...

& Nysto "trippin balls" on his born day.....

....I ain't get a chance to whip out the camera every good time because I was most likely too busy having just that.... But big ups to hot days and swimmin' pools, 1st bikes, summer birthdays, not having to go to work for a stint, catching up with ole' friends, buying AJ3 Stealths a month before official release as a bornday gift to yaself, & dope new music!!!!!

Ya man ESH (the Monolith) got more cameos than 1988 right about now.....

See yall at a show (or three!!!)


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Soulstice.....

And don't forget about Aug 4th @ Club Felt in Boston:
$7 / Doors @ 9p / Show @ 10p / 21+

"Featuring: LIVE Hip-Hop, Street Art, Billiards, Booze...
& The Nicholas Dimancescu Memorial Raffle!"

Besides us, live Performances By:

Fameless Fam
Re-Surch & ACK Crew
Grey Sky Appeal (DEFCON & Outwrite)

& more

See you there, friends....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Invisible EP

So, here is the new project:

Oh yeah, IT'S FREE!!!

Infinite praise to everyone who lent a hand:
DJ Emoh Betta
Dan "Young Jedi" Adams
The Arcitype
Curtis Packer
Storm Davis
& Those weird studio intern dudes on Bored Games

Now I'm going to kill off some looming collabs, put in work on Loop-Minded Individuals, and pen up some newness. I'll let you know when the Vinyl comes in.



We went out to celebrate the e-drop at a local (121) Providence watering hole. I dub this roll "shitty pictures of white people." Enjoy.

Minister Ref:
Reason (aka Marc Cantstandya):
Petey Wheatstraw (only funny cuz of the girl behind him):
DJ Save One:

Juan Duece:

The Infamous Hand Dancer (An RI Legend):
And of course, my stupid drunk ass:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Some... Sum... Summahtime.....

As IF? Friday night didn't body bag me on some local watering hole

Saturday I went and helped the kids get social during daylight hours....

.... Then onto more adult adventures during the night time (courtesy ala fams Iva & Cev).... Big ups to everyone I saw that I ain't see in a long ass time (as I was told all night long).... JT, Roe, Mazza, Aaron, Wise, my muhf*ckin man Neil Down, Rester401, J Strest, Raidge, Opto, & the whole Pro Town affiliated mah-ssive.... Good times and greater eats yo.... Ya know ya ass ain't 20 anything anymore when sh!t is damn near dispersed by 11:30....

"Partied" like a college kid, ate like a growing boy, ruined my weekend wears like an infant, kept it quasi-responsible like an adult, & slept like a baby.... Good times. Stay thirsty, my friends....