Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shines, Mines, & Sleep.....

Hand'Solo Records fam blesses the inclusion on a project being tossed around at Toronto's 2012 Comicon Event... Track #3 is the debut performance of Amazing Grace & Chuck (CasUno & Intrikit) with a joint pre-produced by Intrikit & post produced by Gibran entitled "Geek Speak".... Available via Hand'Solo's Bandcamp site soon enough.....

1. Welcome Committed Enthusiasts ft. Wordburglar
  2. Dum Out – Jesse Dangerously & Satellite High
3. Geek Speak – Amazing Grace & Chuck (aka CasUno & Intrikit) // prod by Intrikit, additional production, mix and arrangement by Gibran
4. Burial – Timbuktu, Frank Deluxe & Chokeules // prod by Timbuktu
5. Drawings with Words (808s Rmx) – Peter Project & Wordburglar
6. Saltines (Cosmo Rmx) – Timbuktu, More or Les, Chokeules & Wordburglar // prod by Timbuktu
7. Invincible – Ghettosocks ft. El Da Sensei // prod by Fresh Kils
8. Klingon Bastards – Touch // prod by Dusty Kraytz, cuts by Dirty Needlz
9. The Goddamnimal
10. You’ll Never Get Away With This – Beefy & Mustin
11. Yobosayo – Wordburglar // prod by Fresh Kils
12. Forward Front Facer – Wordburglar // prod by Vince Vandal
13. A Special Character
14. Three Bucks in Quarters – Teenburger // prod by Jorun Bombay
15. Avengers Assemble – Ripynt // prod by DJ Trev
16. Penitent – Death*Star // prod by Bill Beats
17. Tooned Loonies – Sampson & Wordburglar
18. For your Entertainment – Garthim Master & Sulfur // prod by Garthim-Master, cuts by Sulfur
19. Time Machine Massacre – Swamp Thing // prod by Savilion
20. Favourite Special Character
21. Ice Cream in the Park Remix – More or Les, Laura Barret & Jesse Dangerously
22. Zombie High School – The Killaz
23. Zentraedi (DJ Extend Remix) – Garthim-Master & Wordburglar
24. Srsly Rhyme O’ Clock (DJ Nerd42 Remix) – Wordburglar & More Or Les


Fresh out the box like that, Jack...... (New SB Boxes are kinda ill yo)

Keep Sleepin'..... (Like you mid-30s bent up at 9:30PM....With the remote in ya hand like Pop Dukes... Don't you dare change that channel, son!!! Just resting my eyes. lol).


Monday, August 6, 2012

Vacation (The Extended Cold Crush Mix)

Adult Fun.....

 Kids Play....

One of these days I will return to reality.......
Not sure when, reality seems real depressing now-a-days......
What ever. That's life, right?
Don't fret, no more summer fun for I.... For the few who admit to reading my blog and the many who will not, I'll be back when there is a need to update on some music sh!t.... I planted a few seeds for that while I been busy with everything else....
We'll see how it pans out, won't we.......
Enjoy, squeeze, 2 spoons.....