Monday, October 25, 2010

"Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb" Now Available!!!

Pardon the delay. Especially with the build up. I got caught up these last 3 days and tried pretty damn hard to get everything all set before being loud with the release....

IF? you click the cover above, our pals at have it up for presale (even though they are holding now and will ship upon purchase).... Or you can paypal: to cop direct from we...

We'll get this out to the bloggers, magazines still existant, websites, web stores, and physical locations in the coming days.... But bottomline; It's here fams. It's finally here....

Support the song saga that is we selling sh!t, suckas.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number 15

"Good Hair" Yo, doesn't ya man in the chair look like an extremely aged Missing Ellaments? Ha! It's not him. Another odd flick I caught for entertainment's sake. Then why pictures of bald folk when explaining a song entitled "Good Hair"? I used to have stright f*ckin' hair. It was quite a spectacle, being a black man and all. I used to defy what Gawd gave me by braiding it, cutting it low, and even growing dreads a few times. In the end, my "good" hair ended up gone! I been bald for like 12 years now. The last time I had hair on my head my Mom took a picture of me doing random ish to waste film and when I took a look at the flick I was disgusted to find my hairline had crept back far enough for me to need to shave my head and keep it that way! Another beat produced by the infamous Gnostic. I've already been told that it's a bit of a disappointment to have my last solo track "ever" to be a joint about me losing my hair. Sh!t yo, it's a disappointment I have a bad hair line in life, man. These things happen. Don't worry, there might just be a little outro for yall to feast on before the disc St.ARTs over again from the intro. The sample's dumb recognizable. Here's to all my bald bretheren worldwide, somebody finally complained about going bald on record. Good hair, my ass. More like gone hair. Sh!t.

I hope yall enjoyed my thoughts shared, I wouldn't know IF? you do cause you fockers like to read and not write back. That's bad pen pal status right there!
Tomorrow St.ARTs the campaign.
Maybe even a pre-order.
Keep checkin the blog to see, ya silent lurkers!!!

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number 14

"Groupies Got A One Track Mind"
Yeah, like life works like the picture above.... Seems a little fabricated and thought out just for a pictures sake. I'm pretty sure nobody wants flicks of them with groupies cascading the internet like that (I mean, sh!t, I found this low quality flick on-line, I don't know none of these cats and I got it up on our blog). Anyhow, this is one of those CasUno pays homage butters yo. On "The Art of Pissing People Off!!!" I remade Masta Ace's classic "Keep Ya Eyes On The Prize" with a new rendition of the original beat to really authenticate it. Same here. Lemme break down the grit and grime of this situation for yall. When "The Art Of Pissing People Off!!!" came out in 2004 a cat named Gnostic hit us up expressing interest. We came to find that he had some bangin beats, uber hip hop knolly, and a sh!tload of software. He was a generous lad, even invited me and Missing Ellaments to his wedding. Problem was, cousin was/is the flighty-est dude I have ever met. Can't meet deadlines or be a resonsible adult to save his life. I like Gnostic though. I found him to be pretty well educated, sophisticated, and compatable. Again, flighty cat & drank hard... Anyhow, he laced me with many discs while we chilled for those couple years. I still hear from him once every 3 years, see him at shows once every 2 years, and reads this blog (plus others we are featured on) religiously (Hi Gnostic!). Let it be known I have made several attempts to let Gnostic know I used his beats and tried to get his involvement, but to no avail. IF? you know me like that you know I don't hold back. He indeed caught a great deal of me not holding back as he attempted to get down with us those couple of years... So onto the now. I been wanting to remake "Sally Got A One Track Mind" for years cause one of the beats on this disc was a great interpolation of said song with the same samples (maybe even more elements than Diamond's version) and let's face it, I love early 90s/late 80s rap the most. I invited Reason to rock the second verse cause Reason always found ways to get me involved in his music and always wanted to return the favor. Plus I always like his raps and I know Reas is a big Diamond D fan too. We both mimmicked Diamond's flow patterns and made them original to we. I chose to keep it general on some "groupies got a..." rather than another chic's name to keep myself from getting interogated by the wife thinking the name I chose held significance, but all in all, my wife wants to know why I'm making songs about groupies. The answer: I have no clue, I'm just trying to fit a format and never speak in a personal context and sh!t, what do I know about groupies.... I think we pulled it off but out of all the tracks I have explained thusfar, this track and the last track on the project have caught all the negative scrutiny. Did I make a record that built up to a non-climactic ending? Or is that scary that these are the 2 last CasUno solo tracks I'm leaving yall with? Don't be scurred.....

Here's to you, Huge Heffner:

There's only 1 day left!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number 13

"76 CCs Of Serum 72"
"Promotional Left Hand Daps" had a track entitled "72 CCs of Serum 76" and this is the 2nd "word" piece written the same time as the 1st. 2002 or so, late night on some intense mushroom. I stayed up all night writing and these 2 pieces came from that. I stand behind the words expressed in both of these pieces fully even now years and years later. I knew I'd eventually find a home for it some day. Same steez as the 1st version, main vocal reciting the actual prose and all my adlibs attacking the main vocal. Instead of an original medley added to spit over, Ink got lucky and just straight played "a" record while my verbs were on and it fit perfectly. Nice likkle entertaining break from the madness that is "SOLAST" right before yall get beat in the head with the last 2 (bonus) tracks....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

City Cafe Shots....

Straight MC Hammered, B!!!

Don't cup the mic, B!!!!!!!!!!! 'The f*ck outta here, son.... Big man in blue was caught on facebook stating "Best Hip Hop show I ever been to!"... Sharpness is over-rated, having fun is always precedence, suckas..... Aim to entertain, pick-pockets, it's your only hope......

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry # 12

"The Simplistic Intricacy" Featuring Esh The Monolith & Intrikit

A strong while ago, DJ AlBums used to live with a cat that ended up getting into producing by way of Bums influence and a large record collection. Whenever we got into my car beat discs would be broken out and shared as well as the battle of beats and volume that would ensue within the confines of their shared space. Ha! When cats leave beat discs behind, ya man right here would never consider throwing away (nor giving back to the righfull owner unless asked). Enter Black Floyd aka my man Tyson. This one beat in particular had me open. I asked Tyson to edit the beat more to my liking but that never ended up getting placed into my hands, so in true "Intox-I-Rox" spirit, I just wrote to the sequence given to me and added some creative juices not normally seen within my songs. The bar pattern for this arrangement is like rhyme-able beat for 6 to 8 measures, breakdown, rhyme-able beat for 6 to 8 more measures, breakdown, etc.... So we built around that making the parts that I didn't rhyme on opportunities for Esh & Ink (playing their best Marv Albert/Tommy Heinson roles) to provide commentary about me and said song on some sports show host ish. These 2 cats are clowns, yo. They killed the commentary. I did my best to provide insight of I to the listener on some summarization ish. Mind you, the project was supposed to be entitled "The Simplistic Intricacy" so we were under the impression that this was going to be the title track. Kinda glad I switched ish up, but I will add that this particular song reminds some of a De La "3 Feet High..." or "Dead" feel. I wasn't even aiming for that, but I'll sure as hell take it. This song ends the last official track to the project and the last 3 are basically an outro of sorts and 2 bonus jammies.... I'll try my best to whiz those explanations out in the next 2 days as the project will be with we by Thursday...

Pre-order IF? ya like now, the official campaign St.ARTs Thursday. Word.

For pre-orders & general info: HERE

And yo, Marvel Comics is on some sh!t with this:


Monday, October 18, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number Eleven

"The Spit Pit"

Yeah, mistaken magic right here. The original song line up was supposed to be myself, Prone2 of The Greater Good, Shawn Jackson, & Roc Doogie... To make a long story mini me size, 2 of those cats blew me off something silent after committing to doing the track and getting the beat from I. I'll leave let alone, I'm trying hard not to open my mouth IF? not necessary even though the f*ckin cattle prods been out and about lately antagonizing. I'll save that lecture for a more infuriated day. I ended up landing my brothers Roc Doogie (of Phenetiks) & Dirty Ice (of Durdie Dirty) on said track. Roc was actually apart of the original cast so there are still e mails in existence addressing those who omitted getting down for the get down. Anyhow, Roc laced this ish first and it prompted me to write and record my ish as soon as I could get it done. Ice was attempting to contract Esh to help him record and laced my ish while doing so... Actually, Ice tried to record a very well prepared verse one night, couldn't nail it, and ended up spitting some whole other ish. I asked him to come back through and lace the original verse whilst recording with Esh anyhow and he did. I like that verse yo, it's good stuff. Stellar beat selection by way of Dox, I mean, this ish to me sounds like Peter Phillips all day, but then again I just use my ears to judge music. Gibran added some elements and helped out with the arrangement. All in all, posse cuts is coming back, captain! I been rocking my verse to this live for a few, so long that the last time we rocked Cousin Larry's in Danbury, CT I rocked this ish with my brother Roc Doogie next to me doing his ish. We got some theme music yall....

FYI: Manufacturing has hit me up and let me know that our newest catalog number will be to us by the end of the week. I obviously have a great deal of sh!t to do in preparation. My wife's best friend is getting married Saturday and my wife is all in (the wedding even!). I think my son has a doctor's appointment this week for a booster shot. All whilst I continue to work at my place of employment 6 days a week and damn near 2 shifts.... When it rains it pours, people.

Happy B Day to Len Ramos (LenAce Entertainment) & my brother Bizz Benwa.

RIP to Eyedea. I ain't know you none and I ain't about to hop on the already overwhelming bandwagon of everyone-thought-they-was-ya-best-friend, but I will share this reality based nugget of knolly. Last summer we were scheduled to open for E&A like PDP do every time they came to town. Some sort of beef ensued between the promoter of like shows and the venue that housed them so the show got moved downstairs from this place at a spot that is known more for the Gothic frolic than the boom bap. We showed up early to get instructions from a sound man we've worked with many a time before who chose to not know us this night and let us know that the doors opened at 8PM and we were on at 7:30. IF? it hadn't been that Reason was scheduled to rock as the doors opened, we all wouldn't have ended up in the same hypothetical boat IF? you will.... You see, they brought an opener (Kristoff Krane?) and he was on at 8:20PM. He was on 'til 8:50PM and E&A was scheduled to rock from 9PM 'til 10:20 - 10:30PM.... which in the end was due to the impromptu club change abiding by "club night" rules (show ends early so club can reopen or close for night)... Bottom line, these cats was about to rock for an hour and a half?!? We bounced and enjoyed a good night of dranking after that even though no one wanted to let us parlay in their apartment like that. Rest In Everlasting Peace Eyedea.... At 28 years of age, you were far too young to add onto the extensive list of deceased hip hop practitioners.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oktoberfest. A Good F*ckin' Beer.

Ever Smoke a Canned Creme Curl, Cousin?

We aim to entertain, not aim for where ever you hold ya wallet....

Friday, October 15, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number 10

One of those tracks that I reverted back to my Intox-I-Rox Solid days of writing to the exact sequence given to me. I been had this concept or the need to push this concept a long time ago. IF? you were up on my 1st release Multiple Complications then think "Confuscious Say" jawn only with rhyme this time. I mapped out a scratch hook in my head and Gibran made it come to life exactly how I envisioned it. Intrikit on the production, a bit of a purposely done lull for the record as everything else pretty much seems like a Tyson blow (pause). This is like a Tyson open-handed slap. The title says it all and I say the rest....on the record. Word.

Don't forget about this sh!t tomorrow. The smaller the show, the more blown outta proportion sh!t gets. Go figure....

I coulda sworn this place capacitates at like 50 - 75, so IF? you plan on attending by way of having to pay to get in, you might wanna get there early.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry # 9

"Politics Of A Pretentious Peanut Gallery" Featuring Intrikit
Aight so I never made a track with just me and Ink before this one. Rhymed over a sh!t load of his production and might have been featured along with others on tracks with him, but never just some me and him ish. He slid me like 8 versions of this beat. That's Ink for ya though, mad diligent and gives everyone options so that no one is locked into having to do any one thing. In fact, the beat that appears on the record is yet another rendition of what was originally handed to me. Being that Ink lives in CT and I live in MA, it's not like we have all this time to sit and write a song out with one another. In fact, I don't sit and write anything with other people unless it's like a "posse" yump off and we're trying to capture the right now of the situation. So what we ended up doing was e mailing back and forth each line we added on with. You see, this track isn't just a "collab" it's a trade verses collab, where as we might pass the mic after 2 lines or 4 lines or 3 lines or (You get it).... I have never done this before. It ended up working out really well for me, as most of my takes ended up being one takes. Ink had a bit of a problem but I think it was due to having my intimidating ass in the booth with him whilst recording (heh)... The mess we left in Esh's computer was cleaned up thoroughly during Gibran's mixing process. In fact, Ink tossed another rendition of said beat (with an alternative version) at us during this stage. We opted to use the alternate version as the beat completely changed up after the break. We had a hard ass time trying to find samples to fill in the blanks, but what we ended up using was beyond fitting. We even left some dead space in the middle of the song cause it seemed to work and break up the song (and project) from the constant momentum of music. Consider it a quick break or a time out IF? ya want. Let it be known we actually put some serious thought in regard to the layout of this song. IF? you take the time to notice, you'll see that there are 2 verses and 2 hooks. What you might not notice is the mathematical breakdown of the verses as we both spit an even 12 bars each by songs end and share a 4 bar hook (2 bars each) twice.... IF? you do the math it would work out to an even contribution of 16 bars each, 32 bars total. Straight and to the point even... "I love it when a plan comes together".

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number 8

"Stinky Sullivan" Featuring Esh The Monolith & Intrikit
Awe yes, Ben Seaver!!! In light of great unseen (or rarely seen) characters such as the Gooch, Richard "Boner" Stabone (What up J Strest!), "Bud" from the Cosby show (Shouts to the 1st Kenny though! Fat white kid lived across the street from the Huxtables? Wouldn't talk? Forget it.).... The great blame-for-Ben, Stinky Sullivan, immortalized via song title. This song has nothing to do with that dude, btw, yall should know about my naming songs steez by now.... I originally wanted the entire "SOLAST" record to be mostly produced by Esh with some production provided by others here and there.... Most of that potential production ended up composing "Absolutely" by Romen Rok as he housed the majority of Esh's open beats while recording at frESH Ear.... I also wanted Esh to rhyme on over 50% of the project. So 1 beat and 5 guest shots later.... Heh.... Esh gets comical on some private joke ish at the very begining then laces an extremely wordy verse over his finely tuned tune whose resequenced beat bashes what we originally recorded over. Ink stops by to lace the typical type hook that we do not typically provide.... I have to admit, this song might just live up to the legacy that is "Stinky Sullivan" from "Growing Pains".... Yes, I said "Growing Pains".... Heh.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number 7

"EveryBody Hates Chris"
Firstly, Moms on this show is Pam from Martin and smart nerd girl from "How I Got Into College" (super B rated 80s flick, holla if ya seen it!) right? Yeah, she can still get it and she gotta be like late 40s early 50s by now.... Why she always play the role of the chic with a serious attitude though? Anyhow, this song has dick to do with the TV show (Even though there is a Chris Rock reference)..... Deto-22's last beat blessing on the record. I battled liking/disliking this beat for a long ass time before I actually wrote to it.... It was a bit too "twangy" for ya man, but I kept trying to work out a hook over the break and couldn't get it outta my head.... This is one of those joints I put pressure on myself to nail, so it took me a bit to compose the whole thing. It's broken up by my sing-songy hook laced X3 and has 2 8 bar rhymes and 1 like 18 - 20 bar joint.... I know people don't consciously listen to 3 16 bar verses, no one's attention span is that keen. The 1st "verse" is a historical breakdown of my name (Chris), the 2nd is a play on words using either "Chris" or "Cas" to substitute like sounding words, and the 3rd verse is me name dropping as many (in)famous first name Chris cats that I could think of.... Takes a second to realise what I did, but if you allow this song a chance, you might actually enjoy what I laid down. I don't do concept records like that, so this is a treat (one that I tried to pull off a few times on the record which is way out the norm for me).... I know mad people named Chris yo. I even know a few whose name (first and last) is the same as mine. I got one of them "Jon Davis" type names, feel me? Never mind the amount of people I know with my same date of birth.... This is for we!!! Cheers.

Monday, October 11, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number Six

"Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb" Featuring Esh The Monolith
Title track... This is my favorite joint on the project. We leaked it to the blog commUNITY a while back. I honestly have to put this up there with the few other joints I did that I hold in high regard (See "Calla Boca")... Another Deto-22 (of Phenetiks) produced banger. Esh spits the cryptic chorus that I'm still trying to figure out without having to ask him to explain.... He does mention "5th digit" and "leaving critics lit" which I'm thinking alludes to me releasing my 5th piece of works and my general opinion of the public's peanut gallery.... You won't notice, but the 2nd verse was actually for some whole other ish that didn't manifest, but happened to fit perfect for what I was going for.... You know, we make up all these cliche phrasings and are always quick to point out degrees of separation, but being the entity that doesn't quite fall into place isn't a bad thing nor should it be treated as going against the grain. Where I'm at in life has shown me that existing as a non-conformist, non-traditional part of society isn't anything one should feel shame or uncomfortable with. It's not our fault the majority of the population done folded their playing hands and gone more out of their way to fit in rather than stick out (like a sore thumb even!)....

Click the pic to get blessed (Audibly):

Enjoy & You're Welcome.
PS: Today marks the 13 year anniversary of my best friend's death. R.I.P. Jason Andrade. The older I get, the more I miss you here.....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

K.I.M. Even Though Ish Stay Busy Right About Now....

In case you were wondering....

I'm still steady at it, like a crack addict.... Don't sleep. Make sure yall come out next Saturday to the City Cafe show in Providence. Esh wouldn't want you to know, but he's a bit excited to rock in Providence..... See you there maybe....

Friday, October 8, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number Fever

"Brad Sellers Parts I & II"
Let's face it, you have no clue as to who Brad Sellers is... During the mid 80s when the Chicago Bulls were just St.ARTing to steer in the right direction with Mike and Co. they drafted a 6'10" power(less) forward from Ohio State who was also an originatal OH10 native.... Great college hoops cat entering into the NBA to play with the greatest of all time just becoming the greatest. Don't you know this 6'10" clumsy muhf*cka tried to be the tall(er) version of Mike? The really bad version of Mike should I say. This dude was a joke to me. He would try to pull some ole' Mike reverse fanciness and fail horribly as the ball would get stuck under the rim and whatnot. I always wanted to name a track after his dumb ass just to give this lumix some form of legitamacy. The KRS and De La vocal samples that run during Parts 1 & 2 shed light on why these tracks were named in honor of our non-hero and traded 4 times NBA failure Brad Sellers. At least he had some game in college. I even think this dude went pretty high in the draft! Produced by Dox, I originally planned on this being the first ish you hear after the intro when I first, first, first embarked on working on the project. To be honest, I even considered cutting these joints, but those whose ears I trust told me not to. It might just be I placed them in the wrong spot on the actual project. We were even a bit stumped as to how we were going to make both tracks mesh into one. I will say, some cats have already stepped up and claim to fully enjoy both parts 1 & 2. It's easy for me to write to beats that already have hooks added to them via sample. Maybe too easy. Maybe that's why I question the fitting in and merit of these songs. At the end of the day, it's not on me IF? yall like it or not, so I'ma see what yall say (or don't) when the record drops....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Numero Fo'

"Electric Ukelele" Featuring Esh, Storm Davis, & Romen RokThis track... One bored ass afternoon waiting for Esh I ended up at a highly motivated Storm Davis' cribbo who suggested we write to a Dox track he had and see what came out of it. Romen hit me on the horn that day and wanted in on doing "something" so he shot through and started writing a verse as well. At this point we were recording a track for the sake of recording a track which is some ish that never happens. I think it was understood that IF? the track was usable we would include it on one of the projects Storm was/is working on. When Esh gave the call that he was back at his rest, we packed up and headed over. Uploaded the track into Pro Tools, Esh penned a verse and Romen finished his. I believe there might have been a small debate regarding Romen holding onto his verse because he still needed more material for his then still being recorded "Absolutely". One by one we went into the booth and dropped our science. When it was all said and done I housed the track and claimed it in the name of "SOLAST"! (Ha!) We left it hookless and not arranged, so when it got to the mixing phase with Gibran (Happy B Day yesterday!) there was still missing elements. Gibran opted to do a likkle something during the hook/break where as cuts were lightly suggested. What he ended up doing made far more sense as did the drops, added samples, and mix that he put onto the track. Very direct and hard hitting jawn might I add. 3 birds, one stone. Let me remind all that I enjoy making music with like minds and have no problem showcasing my musical comrades on my works. I mean, sh!t, they'd do it for me, right? (lol) *Then I woke up.* (lol) All in all, this track is pretty on smash in my opinion and a great look "posse cut" wise... Best Storm Davis verse I ever did hear to boot...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Numero Tres

"Jedi Masters of Ceremony" featuring LoDeck Produced by DJ AlBums. You might recognize this beat as something we would freestyle over at shows. I love this beat yo. Most others do as well. I thank this beat in getting LoDeck on board. I been sending Deck beats for a few f*ckin years now and this is the one that finally got him to write and record a verse for me (after knowing Deck for over 5 years mind you!).... It's all good, Deck is one of my musical associates that prefers I pay him for his career blazing music while I toss him Labeless treats for free.... You know, just like most cats (You really need my $10 take it yo! Hope you get rich quick... lol... $10 really ain't sh!t to me like that). I came up with this concept and title long ago. I originally planned on doing my whole verse in Yoda speak, but all I could accomplish was the hook cause I'm one of those perfectionist cats that would end up taking years to write my perfect Yoda speak verse.... Plus, think of how hard that would be? Really?

The light saber sounds and Yoda sample really put this together... I think the song's placement on the project is right where it's supposed to be, but we'll see.... Some cats have already claimed this song as their favorito on the record. I also think it's a pretty dope jawn... But favorito for me, it is not. (lol)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Numero Dos

"4 Outta 6" One of the 1st beats I wrote to for this project, produced by Intrikit. Nothing out of the ordinary concept wise. I went with the whole "What, When, Where, & Why" for the theme here as evident on the hook (thus "4 Outta 6" omitting How & Who).... Upright bass is THE instrument, man. I've always preferred the sound since "Catch A Bad One" by Del which is by far one of the better examples of upright bass usage (Or maybe that's a cello, either or, same sh!t to me, I can't play no instruments). Originally planned to be the 1st track after the intro, I felt it didn't have the power that "The World According To Peter Pansy" contained (as did others, peer pressure's a b!tch). Song ain't really come to life until Gibran laced some much needed arrangement and additions to it. I mean, it was frESH on its own, but the extra additives really made it a point of interest. One additive in particular is an audio reference to an aged Masta Ace banger even though I was actually referencing an aged Ed OG banger (See IF? you notice when you hear the song).

Oh, and that's right, I said Gibran mixed and arranged this ish as he did the entire project. F*ck what ya heard....

Monday, October 4, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Numero Uno

As promised, for those who are interested, this will be the first of quite a few song note posts as I'm probably gonna omit Intro, Interludes, Outro....

Firstly, let me break down the title ofthe project. It was originally going to be entitled "The Simplistic Intricacy" but due to the fact most cats can't even get "Labeless Illtelligence" right I opted to take a more familiar word route.... The original title was implimented due to a conversation that occurred years back regarding my ability to take really simplistic ideas, notions, practices, and philosophy and turn them into far deeper entities...I think most people say "making a mountain out of a mole hill"... I basically dropped the title but kept aiming for the same effect audibly. This project is to serve as epitomizing me on record. I aimed to capture all of my essense in audio format as I treated the whole experience like my last time going this route.... And in that I mean this (cause some cats already got it beyond twisted): I no longer aspire to create my own creations meaning I no longer wish to be the sole proprieter of a single musical venture.... I much prefer having the entire experience/process shared amongst like minds... I'm still down to perform, collab, join/start a new "band" (lol), and maybe record for the sake of recording solo tracks here and there.... But I'm all set with cleansing my proverbial pallet of ideas and expression.... You could say I'm looking for more inspirado via collaborating with others and brainstorming some next ish.... Or you could see that Labeless' discography has 5 CasUno induced solo releases and 1 project each from 3 other artists.... Trust, it wasn't originally planned this way. Maybe it's good that the 2 other projects I was spearheading got deaded cause I'd technically be on project number 7 right about now (10 years after initially pressing and presenting)!?!

So yeah, skipping the intro.... For the record, the intro is very entertaining and sets the stage for the gumbo of music I have compiled (along with those who have helped me in doing so).... Not only is it entertaining and nostalgic, but kind of relates to where I'm at in life right about now.... You'll have to actually get the record for this one, folks....

"The World According To Peter Pansy" Featuring Esh the Monolith
Produced by my man Deto-22 of Phenetiks; beat originally created for my brother Roc Doogie also of Phenetiks. I contain no shame in attempting to build with others I admire musically. I hit my CT bretheren up in hopes of adding onto my project and they answered! Sh!t is straight knock-knock people. I think it sets sh!t off the right way (As did Chris Conti from The Providence Phoenix when he came through to peep the project & feature we). One of a few tracks that features Esh playing Tony Starks to my Raekwon the Chizef (figuritively speaking folks. Wu-Tang we are not).... Basically this track is a call out of "them heads that don't act they age" and live by "30's the new 20" type BS philosophy. I've always very much known exactly how old I am, haven't you?

"Some rappers around here are living on some fairy tale shit," he said, "dudes waiting for the 'right time' to release and promote their product? What the fuck is that? Time doesn't stand still, Peter Pansy! If you want it, go get it already."

...Personally speaking, this type of sh!t has plagued my social life something terrible. At 34 years old, 2 kids, wife, house, full time job, still making time to persue music: I have a hard time relating to people. People I grew up with even. People I encounter, build with, and learn the same lesson from. Maybe it's me, but I have yet to see a strong collective of mature adults with their heads on straight deriving from Generation X. This is my ode to those cats. It's a lecture more so than a sympathetic explanation. Esh's wordy hook and fairytale references support the theme lovely.

We're also striving harder to get yall's commentary up a bit. Let us know IF? this was cool or the world could do without unnecessary chatter from MouthUno over 'ere....