Wednesday, October 20, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number 13

"76 CCs Of Serum 72"
"Promotional Left Hand Daps" had a track entitled "72 CCs of Serum 76" and this is the 2nd "word" piece written the same time as the 1st. 2002 or so, late night on some intense mushroom. I stayed up all night writing and these 2 pieces came from that. I stand behind the words expressed in both of these pieces fully even now years and years later. I knew I'd eventually find a home for it some day. Same steez as the 1st version, main vocal reciting the actual prose and all my adlibs attacking the main vocal. Instead of an original medley added to spit over, Ink got lucky and just straight played "a" record while my verbs were on and it fit perfectly. Nice likkle entertaining break from the madness that is "SOLAST" right before yall get beat in the head with the last 2 (bonus) tracks....

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