Thursday, October 14, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry # 9

"Politics Of A Pretentious Peanut Gallery" Featuring Intrikit
Aight so I never made a track with just me and Ink before this one. Rhymed over a sh!t load of his production and might have been featured along with others on tracks with him, but never just some me and him ish. He slid me like 8 versions of this beat. That's Ink for ya though, mad diligent and gives everyone options so that no one is locked into having to do any one thing. In fact, the beat that appears on the record is yet another rendition of what was originally handed to me. Being that Ink lives in CT and I live in MA, it's not like we have all this time to sit and write a song out with one another. In fact, I don't sit and write anything with other people unless it's like a "posse" yump off and we're trying to capture the right now of the situation. So what we ended up doing was e mailing back and forth each line we added on with. You see, this track isn't just a "collab" it's a trade verses collab, where as we might pass the mic after 2 lines or 4 lines or 3 lines or (You get it).... I have never done this before. It ended up working out really well for me, as most of my takes ended up being one takes. Ink had a bit of a problem but I think it was due to having my intimidating ass in the booth with him whilst recording (heh)... The mess we left in Esh's computer was cleaned up thoroughly during Gibran's mixing process. In fact, Ink tossed another rendition of said beat (with an alternative version) at us during this stage. We opted to use the alternate version as the beat completely changed up after the break. We had a hard ass time trying to find samples to fill in the blanks, but what we ended up using was beyond fitting. We even left some dead space in the middle of the song cause it seemed to work and break up the song (and project) from the constant momentum of music. Consider it a quick break or a time out IF? ya want. Let it be known we actually put some serious thought in regard to the layout of this song. IF? you take the time to notice, you'll see that there are 2 verses and 2 hooks. What you might not notice is the mathematical breakdown of the verses as we both spit an even 12 bars each by songs end and share a 4 bar hook (2 bars each) twice.... IF? you do the math it would work out to an even contribution of 16 bars each, 32 bars total. Straight and to the point even... "I love it when a plan comes together".

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