Monday, October 4, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Numero Uno

As promised, for those who are interested, this will be the first of quite a few song note posts as I'm probably gonna omit Intro, Interludes, Outro....

Firstly, let me break down the title ofthe project. It was originally going to be entitled "The Simplistic Intricacy" but due to the fact most cats can't even get "Labeless Illtelligence" right I opted to take a more familiar word route.... The original title was implimented due to a conversation that occurred years back regarding my ability to take really simplistic ideas, notions, practices, and philosophy and turn them into far deeper entities...I think most people say "making a mountain out of a mole hill"... I basically dropped the title but kept aiming for the same effect audibly. This project is to serve as epitomizing me on record. I aimed to capture all of my essense in audio format as I treated the whole experience like my last time going this route.... And in that I mean this (cause some cats already got it beyond twisted): I no longer aspire to create my own creations meaning I no longer wish to be the sole proprieter of a single musical venture.... I much prefer having the entire experience/process shared amongst like minds... I'm still down to perform, collab, join/start a new "band" (lol), and maybe record for the sake of recording solo tracks here and there.... But I'm all set with cleansing my proverbial pallet of ideas and expression.... You could say I'm looking for more inspirado via collaborating with others and brainstorming some next ish.... Or you could see that Labeless' discography has 5 CasUno induced solo releases and 1 project each from 3 other artists.... Trust, it wasn't originally planned this way. Maybe it's good that the 2 other projects I was spearheading got deaded cause I'd technically be on project number 7 right about now (10 years after initially pressing and presenting)!?!

So yeah, skipping the intro.... For the record, the intro is very entertaining and sets the stage for the gumbo of music I have compiled (along with those who have helped me in doing so).... Not only is it entertaining and nostalgic, but kind of relates to where I'm at in life right about now.... You'll have to actually get the record for this one, folks....

"The World According To Peter Pansy" Featuring Esh the Monolith
Produced by my man Deto-22 of Phenetiks; beat originally created for my brother Roc Doogie also of Phenetiks. I contain no shame in attempting to build with others I admire musically. I hit my CT bretheren up in hopes of adding onto my project and they answered! Sh!t is straight knock-knock people. I think it sets sh!t off the right way (As did Chris Conti from The Providence Phoenix when he came through to peep the project & feature we). One of a few tracks that features Esh playing Tony Starks to my Raekwon the Chizef (figuritively speaking folks. Wu-Tang we are not).... Basically this track is a call out of "them heads that don't act they age" and live by "30's the new 20" type BS philosophy. I've always very much known exactly how old I am, haven't you?

"Some rappers around here are living on some fairy tale shit," he said, "dudes waiting for the 'right time' to release and promote their product? What the fuck is that? Time doesn't stand still, Peter Pansy! If you want it, go get it already."

...Personally speaking, this type of sh!t has plagued my social life something terrible. At 34 years old, 2 kids, wife, house, full time job, still making time to persue music: I have a hard time relating to people. People I grew up with even. People I encounter, build with, and learn the same lesson from. Maybe it's me, but I have yet to see a strong collective of mature adults with their heads on straight deriving from Generation X. This is my ode to those cats. It's a lecture more so than a sympathetic explanation. Esh's wordy hook and fairytale references support the theme lovely.

We're also striving harder to get yall's commentary up a bit. Let us know IF? this was cool or the world could do without unnecessary chatter from MouthUno over 'ere....


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