Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tomato Toss Behind The Scenes

From the view point of those who "throw fruits" (That phrase is still funny to me since college, sorry)....

Esh's lady friend throws like Roger Clemens, bro.....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Extended Fam Addition

Congrats go out to our brother JDO and his wife on the birth of their son Gavin (8/30/2011)....
Sorry for the tardiness on this. I had to use my internet sleuthing to find this info as my man ain't do the typical mass text announcing the birth of his likkle mans..... So yeah, f*ck you twitter and facebook for that (CasUno has no social media tool, fool!)

Esh just did 2 shows in Rhode Island last week that obviously affected the world similar to how trees that fall down in empty forrests... Oh yeah, Rhode Island, you are an empty f*ckin forrest yo.... ... Even though we may just end up on some 'ole sh*t over there soon... you'll see (as I flow fluently to frequently...).... IF? not we might just have to get international with it (hint, hint)...

Guess you'll just have to silently stay tuned, you nosey f*cks too cool to affiliate yaself with staying up on this blog (Lurkers, they call them)!!!! Who cares, right? We do.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bachelor Party (No Tom Hanks)

Like a f*cking duel, I battled with the choice of frESH or even more frESH in tackling "the final weekend of the summer's" Saturday footware selection.... DJ Clark Kent was right after all, yall....

A lot of hand motion similar to this from begining to end, my friend...

This muhph*cka always remembers to include me in fun situations (pause). Stylin' in ya 88 year old Auntie's choice of eyewear....

My man Chich even got Larry Bird circa 1986 Lite Beer styles to hot-tub-time-machine-rest-stop-sweet-heart hisself to the festivities.....

And oh how the festivities unfolded.... "Please refrain from taking cell phone flicks of the show".... Yep. Good times. "I don't wanna end up on the net somewhere". Yep. Famous last words.

Hi. My name is ChrisUno EndCrews. I have fun sometimes and do stuff.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

RI gets Rugged, Man

Hey there cool guys.

While browsing the vastness that is the internetz (in between Twitter and Facebook stalking and random fap sessions) I happened upon Ra the Rugged Man's Murderous Lyrics competition. It seems that Mr. Rugged Man is combing the world wide web looking for the next big thing in indie rap.

Now, I will not editorialize and tell you that I think internet competitions are bullshit popularity contests that have more to do with how many social network "friends" you have than actual skill, and is more a form of public masturbation than a creator of opportunity, and appeals mostly to the ego maniacs that make rap not very fun, and has never really gotten anyone anywhere (woops, sorry)......because honestly, this competition seems legit and I have seen a lot of talent in some of the video submissions (and a lot of pretty awful shit, which is to be expected).

Which brings us to my hometown: Providence, RI. When I first learned of the competition I clicked on a link the said something like "are you better than these emcees." Assuming I was, I clicked on said link and was greeted with the finalists and a familiar face.

This guy:
Milez Grimez, formerly known as Knuckles. An old Unity regular doing his thing. Props Milez.

A couple days later a bunch of other RI video submissions surfaced. Including videos from fam Dirty Durdie.

Grem killin' shit:

And the world wide front runner to be the most murderous lyricist, Dirty Ice:

And of course, ladies and gentlemen, we have Sneaky Pete (watch out, he's sneaky!!!).

I don't know, yo. I think Ice got this one. Good luck to everyone who submitted.

Who do you think should win? Do you think there is an abundance of talent in RI? What other RI emcees should have submitted? How's the scene been in Providence anyway? Do you think the PVD Social Club should aptly be renamed the HPV Social Club? Do you wish they would start Unity again, or something exactly like it? Inquiring minds want to know...hit the comment button...