Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Extended Fam Addition

Congrats go out to our brother JDO and his wife on the birth of their son Gavin (8/30/2011)....
Sorry for the tardiness on this. I had to use my internet sleuthing to find this info as my man ain't do the typical mass text announcing the birth of his likkle mans..... So yeah, f*ck you twitter and facebook for that (CasUno has no social media tool, fool!)

Esh just did 2 shows in Rhode Island last week that obviously affected the world similar to how trees that fall down in empty forrests... Oh yeah, Rhode Island, you are an empty f*ckin forrest yo.... ... Even though we may just end up on some 'ole sh*t over there soon... you'll see (as I flow fluently to frequently...).... IF? not we might just have to get international with it (hint, hint)...

Guess you'll just have to silently stay tuned, you nosey f*cks too cool to affiliate yaself with staying up on this blog (Lurkers, they call them)!!!! Who cares, right? We do.


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