Thursday, October 27, 2011


November is going to be a dope month for seeing your favorite Labelessers in the North East. Peace to the homies Grey Sky Appeal and Qwel for putting us on their Hunt & Gather Tour.

11/9 – Bishops Lounge

(41 Strong Ave. North Hampton, MA)

w/ Qwel, Grey Sky Appeal, & more

11/10 – The Local 121 Speakeasy

(121 Washington St. Providence, RI)

* The “Invisible” EP 10” Vinyl Release Party *

w/ Qwel, Grey Sky Appeal, Romen Rok, Andrew Milicia, & DJ Emoh Betta

11/11 – Southpaw

(125 Fifth Ave. BK, NY)

* The Elevenocalypse *

w/ MC ELEVEN, Auxiliary Arms (Masai Bey & L.I.F.E. Long), Rasheed Chappell, Teddy Faley, Elucid, Billy Woods, Warren Britt, Premrock, Hype Wonder, Model Citizen, Willie, Green, AM Breakups

(Qwel and GSA will be in CT on 11/11. If you are in the area peep the show.)

11/12 – The Stone Church

(5 Granite St. Newmarket, NH)

w/Qwel, Grey Sky Appeal, & Pick Your Poison

11/15 – Obrien’s Pub

(3 Harvard Ave. Allston, MA)

* Joint Hunt & Gather and Invisible EP Release party *

w/ Grey Sky Appeal, Andrew Milicia, & more

11/16 – The Big Easy

(55 Market St. Portland, ME.)

w/ Grey Sky Appeal, & More

11/17 - Burlington, VT


There could be some more shows added, but for the most part, after this run I will give way less of a fuck about shows and way more of a fuck about turkey.

What happened to fall, yo?


Saturday, October 15, 2011

To Whom It May Concern....

To whom it may concern....

What an embarrassingly wretched (pre)weekend...

Leaving MA later than expected, we still managed to make it up to the 'Cuse by midnight and even got to utilize a coupon found within one of those tourist guide joints found along stops on most major roadways (pause for the possible pickle park sweetheart ish).....

Esh was slick enough to grab plates from the continental breakfast provision and we lounged a little hard knowing our Canadian connect wouldn't be available until way later in the evening and it only takes 4 hours to get to Toronto from the 'Cuse.....

Here you see Esh at a Casino back in Niagara Falls texting [our] entire address book(s) that we just got rejected from entering into Toronto, Ontario, Canada...

Having never crossed any border by way of car, we took every and all precautionary measurements necessary to pass through unscathed....Ya man's the grandaddy og blunthead for decades; so for over a week strong I aired out my vehicle, refrained from partaking in said activity within said confine, and cleaned the absolute f*ck outta the sh!t.......Made sure I was the driver of my vessel at the actual time of crossing. And most definitely knew to keep everything up front and honest as all hell....

I haven't felt as violated as I did from everything that occurred in attempting to drive onto Canadian soil since who knows when..... But let me tell yall, at the end of the day, I place blame unto my uneducated-to-crossing-the-border-ass self.... Just say "vacation" when they ask why you're entering their country... Most every normal person on this continent knows this, but leave it up to MC Honest Abe & MC Jim Carrey's role in Liar, Liar to fail in average, everyday, normal type shart such as....

In an attempt to deal with this discrepancy as a mature, professional, & ethical aspiring entertainer of the Hip Hop kind, I am taking sole ownership of basically f*cking this up and apologize to our Hand'Solo Records fam, $5 Rap Show cats, and all the people we would have loved to finally meet, those who mighta wanted to meet/peep us, & those who pulled rabbits outta their hats to accommodate our visit/intervention.... Trust me when I state, we are definitely down in the dumps over alla this.... Yall know what it feels like to drive 8 - 10 hours twice in 2 days? Nahmean.... I mean, there might even be some kinda sick humor in all this, but mostly it's our ultimate "loss".... With sanctions even....

I'd love to sit here and be like f*ck the Canadian Border Patrol.
I'd love to believe we got messed with like the US Border Patrol Officer told us we did.
I'd love to believe the two semi good looking Canadian Border Patrol Officers had absolutely no reason what-so-ever to trash my car, count the loot in my wallet, & go through my f*cking cell phone(s).
I'd love to believe admitting we had "CDs" in the trunk was "the right thing to do"....
Sh!t, I'd love to believe people were affected by us not gaining entry as much as we were....

But here's some sh!t neither of us truly considered. Like truly considered.
There was some form of foiled assassination attempt on a Middle Eastern official on US soil recently.... But more importantly sh!t like this....

This is Occupy Syracuse. We hit 'Cuse on the way back too, cause at that point ya man really needed some good tree and I still got fam in said region.... This is one of many "Occupy ____" we've seen within the last 2 weeks.... You've probably witnessed similar scenarios... Shouts to the Veterans For Peace cats that caught the raw daddy late night beat down in Beantown last week.... WTF? I mean, they just had Occupy New Bedford & Occupy Dartmouth around here... Someone told me there was an Occupy Walmart too? WTF?

So I ask yall;

Did we pick the worst time in a while to try and cross another country's border due to a lot of political unrest?

Am I as a suspicious non-Black/non-US citizen looking character as my wife says I am?

Are we that amateur in life we can't pull off some average, everyday, normal life sh!t people do alla the time?

Am I the biggest f*cking idiot in leaving 'Cuse a day before the best exhibition game I ever did see on ESPN3 via the Carrier Dome?

Are we now cool, edgy rap dudes cause we ain't allowed outside the country like that?

Was the Canadian Border Patrol on the rag?

Are we those stuck in the mud can't go no where cats other people want us to be?

...Cause I sure as f*ck don't know. But I'm willing to accept my role in this utter failure....

My bust yall (To whom it may concern)..... IF? it makes you feel better, I'm sick as all hell right about now (Literally, under-the-weather type sick)....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Featuring ESH!!!! (Songs & Shows)

Click the show flyer above to check out MC ELEVEN's monster "The Elevenocalypse" from said forthcomin "mix cd" release "M-Theory".... Featuring ESH, Hype Wonder, Teddy Faley, Warren Britt, PremRock, Billy Woods, Elucid, & L.I.F.E. Long... Produced by Willie Green... Mixed & Mastered by A.M. Breakups....


Monday, October 10, 2011

The (Invisible) International Illtelligent Intervention...

TORONTO, ON ($5 Rap Show)
Thursday October 13, 2011

CasUno & Esh The Monolith
Kodac aka M80 (Detroit)
Sawtay & Nilla (Toronto)
Swamp Thing - Timbuktu, Chokeules, & Savillion (Toronto)
Class of 93 (Toronto)

Hosted by: The WordBurglar
Music by: MoreOrLes

Rancho Relaxo
300 College Street
Toronto, ON
Doors: 9:30PM
Damage: $5

Friday October 14, 2011

CasUno & Esh The Monolith
Moore & Exit Only (London)
Bo Gus & Richard Catesh (London)

The Black Shire Pub
511 Talbot Street
London, ON
Doors: 10:30PM
Damage: $5

See you on the other side (of the border)....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The "Ides" of October Warning Shot

We stepped out Friday to peep some rap music in Providence for once in like 6 months... Aside from Cuddy, Open Mike D (Gigs), & the other staff dude we chill with like that... there were no familiar faces at this show (sans the few heads that drove down from Boston that Esh knows. Annie Mulz cats I believe....) Oh & this dude pictured below too... I must admit, claiming to feel like sh*t, ya man had at least 10 Hip Hops in his mic yo....

I'll be the 1st to admit, seeing Despot was like an added bonus, cause me, like many, really went to peep the Hybrid stylings of Danny Brown.... Yeah. We weren't let down. Him and his man DopeHead killed sh*t... Didn't get to build with him cause someone stupid said something even more stupid to him that caused him to bounce and not return. Fucktard fans, yo. Gotta hate to love 'em.

We had quite the A.D.D.venturous evening.
I've been car-less ever since.
"Long Story"....

Onto mid-October....
ESH + DOX will be rockin out Providence style along with a room full of local celebrities...
Details below.

Stay tuned for more spine tingling of....
Got shows?