Friday, May 27, 2011

Wow, I'm Hungover

Yesterday I got to peep the dope new indie rapper/Internet sensation Action Bronson bless my neighborhood. By the time he got on stage I was pretty much blacked out.

The day (drinking) started early. Cas, Falside, Taj Campman of Defcon and Grey Sky Appeal, Nicolas Heller, and Nick's roommate (sorry homie, I am terrible with names) came through the cribo for a brew-filled backyard brobecue. Started with High Life ended with Svedka.

I had a healthy buzz before we motivated to The Church of Boston. My father once gave me this advice about "long distance drinking": Get your buzz, then drink just enough to maintain that buzz for the rest of the night. I didn't take his advice last night.

Here is what I remember:

Moe Pope, Rain, and Chris Talkin tore shit up and were all dressed in flannel.
I definitely hopped on stage during their set to take pictures (no one noticed).
Drunk ass Falside jumped in every picture I took.
Action Bronson made it known that he digs food.
Sleezy Trees was there?
I missed most of Raheem Jamal's set, but what I saw was dope.
I had a conversation about "acceptable shorts".
Chum Chops was there.
DJ Next has yet another super gay haircut.
I talked to Yukon MC about when we both worked at Landspeed. He had no idea who I was.
Ricky Shabazz doesn't like his picture taken.

Fuck it. Who needs memories when you have a camera phone.

I need Gatorade. Peace.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Printed Shines

The big homie Travis Glave over at Bloggerhouse gets the late pass big ups for tossing shines 'pon "Sticks Out Like A Sore Chuck"....

Click the pic below to hit the review-ski and link to download FOR F*CKIN FREE, FOOLS!!!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear God.....

...IF? you get a chance, could you please put some more people on this planet that resemble me? Good lookin' out in advance....

I been sayin' Suce looks like me, some might disagree. I say paint me Puerto Rock and my Moms & Pops would "....'ave some 'splainin' to doooooooo....."

I stumbled upon this flick of Junk Science on a local blog. Paint ya nigro white (me) and ya boy in the pic (left) looks like me (I)......

This is the flick that made me finally make this post. I was on Ray Mate from Mighty Healthy's blog and he was showin' pics from a previous party in NYC. I took one look at this dude and let out the infamous "That's it!" I have no f*ckin' clue who the hell that dude is....But make me fat(ter) and this cat is like lookin into the mirror....

The illest kick of this post is that cats that know me personally are gonna peep this ish and laugh out loud on some Chris is a f*ckin' moron type ish so..... IF? you feel I'm way off or spot on, let your voice be heard and sound off on my precision or inability to where's Waldo my own grill's likeness.....

Stepped out for like 2 hours Saturday to sit around the Coach (My fellow Wareham residents use the word "Coach" instead of man, guy, dude, cat, fella) Butch's fire pit with some old friends..... I finally caught up with a good friend I hadn't seen in damn near 15 years (Damn, remember when 15 years ago left you at age 5 or some sh!t? Damn, when did we get so old?)....

Romaro Smith. It was great to see you, fam-u-la.... Sorry I caught you on the way to nighty nights-ville courtesy ala West Wareham & Corona Cervesa..... Either or... My Man!!! They move as far as North Carolina, but they always come back... Bumping into old skool heads is starting to put ya man head back on straight. A bit of a social whoa a'gwan in the mizer of ya man right here. Insecurity's one hell-uv-an emotion.

Peace (Where's summer?)

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Project Update

I haven't been very mouthy about the fact that I'm in the process of finishing up a brand new project. Admittedly, I suck at promotions. Or maybe I just don't want to be one of those obnoxious assholes that bombards you every 15 seconds on the Internet. Really, I just need to find a happy median.

New media marketing malfunctions aside, the project is a collaboration with Poorly Drawn People producer Dox. He made all the beats, I made all the rhymes (aside from verses from Fam-o Cas and Ink and some real purty singin' from KiKi).

It's an EP entitled "Invisible" and will feature 6 new tracks for you to download and put on your Zune. It will be available for free via bandcamp and pressed in a limited edition physical form for $$$. I haven't decided what form it will take, but I'll let ya know.

Last night I pedaled out to The Bridge Sound and Stage in Cambridge where the mix has been getting Johnny Rambo'd by resident engineer Dan Adams aka Young Jedi.

Here are some pics:

The man at work, making me sound all cool and shit.

The Arcitype was in the place, of course (he runs the studio, stupid). He's probably tweeting about how excited he is to be sitting next to someone as famous as me.

Wafer glasses and PBR!?!!? Fuckin' Hipster (take your tight slacks and backpack and shove them up your asscrack, Esh).

And this Peanut Butter and Peep Samich I ate for dinner cause I'm poor and disgusting.

So, I promise you some new music very soon. Release date!?!? When it's done, bitch.

Resident Blogger (code name: The Monolith)

Oh, and RIP Macho Man Randy Savage. You were my favorite wrestler back when it was ok to watch wrestling.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

SOLAST Silent Shines.....

The homie Roc Doogie goes in on "The Spit Pit" instramental at one of his recent shows.... For those too lazy to knowledge themselves, Roc appeared on the original rendition of "The Spit Pit" on "Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb" and is definitive famalams of Labeless....
He is currently about to release a new project entitled "Roc, Paper, Scissors" amongst the various other works he's been cooking up. Please do ya ears a favor and listen out for ya man....
Here's the aformentioned performance incorporating Dox's "Spit Pit" beat....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let's play a game...

...Spot the Esh is these two videos.

First is the new Reks video. I'll give you a hint: I play a bearded racist.

Second is from hometown hombre Juan Duece. If you've ever wanted to see me shot over a back alley dice game, here's your chance.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Continuum of WLPM Shines....

Once again we catch them pod cast shines via Gibran & Legacy Pending Music. Big up!
Plenty'o musical treats on this rendition....

Monday, May 2, 2011

More Last Minute ADDventures

So, the other night I got a text from the homies over at The Brain Trust asking if I wanted to bless the stage at a show headlined by DJ/Producer K-Salaam at The Church of Boston...........that night. Further solidifying my status as Boston Bench? Bogus indeed, but I like to rock raps and truly do Trust in the Brain (pause), so I threw some merch in the backpack and rode down to Fenway.

The show ended up being extra live, with performance from Greyscale, Charmingly Ghetto, Stephen Jones, and Micha. There was a good crowd and I met a lot of cool peoples. Plus, I got not one but TWO DRINK TICKETS!!! Shucks, thanks fellas. You really know how to make a rapper feel welcome.

Here are some flicks:

The Brain Trust (Connor is mad and Kyle derives his power from his fro): was in the place:

And the show was even Sleezy Trees approved!!!

The next day, during my inevitably severe hangover, I stopped by the Juan Duece video shoot. Where I saw this:

And the drunken antics of this guy:

Late Night with Jimmy Falside.

Being filmed by this guy:

Nicolas Heller of Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys Productions.

That's it for now. My EP with Dox is almost mixed, Tommy's Pizza is the best pizza in Rhode Island, and Osama Bin Laden is supposedly dead.

Hail Satan.