Friday, May 27, 2011

Wow, I'm Hungover

Yesterday I got to peep the dope new indie rapper/Internet sensation Action Bronson bless my neighborhood. By the time he got on stage I was pretty much blacked out.

The day (drinking) started early. Cas, Falside, Taj Campman of Defcon and Grey Sky Appeal, Nicolas Heller, and Nick's roommate (sorry homie, I am terrible with names) came through the cribo for a brew-filled backyard brobecue. Started with High Life ended with Svedka.

I had a healthy buzz before we motivated to The Church of Boston. My father once gave me this advice about "long distance drinking": Get your buzz, then drink just enough to maintain that buzz for the rest of the night. I didn't take his advice last night.

Here is what I remember:

Moe Pope, Rain, and Chris Talkin tore shit up and were all dressed in flannel.
I definitely hopped on stage during their set to take pictures (no one noticed).
Drunk ass Falside jumped in every picture I took.
Action Bronson made it known that he digs food.
Sleezy Trees was there?
I missed most of Raheem Jamal's set, but what I saw was dope.
I had a conversation about "acceptable shorts".
Chum Chops was there.
DJ Next has yet another super gay haircut.
I talked to Yukon MC about when we both worked at Landspeed. He had no idea who I was.
Ricky Shabazz doesn't like his picture taken.

Fuck it. Who needs memories when you have a camera phone.

I need Gatorade. Peace.

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