Friday, June 10, 2011

Yes the city of Philly, silly punk (Also, NYC)

***THE FOLLOWING BLOG POST HAS BEEN CENSORED (If you read the original, you know the time. Good for you)***

Last weekend The Arcitype and I were promised all access passes to The Roots Picnic and a chance to build with ?uest Love. Who offered said passes, you ask? Oddly enough, _______. I guess she attends __________ here in "da bean."

Fuck it, why not? Right?

So, here was the plan:
Drive to NYC on Friday night, crash (no shortage of free places to stay in that city), head to Philly Saturday afternoon (musician morning), then whip it back to NYC for Saturday night.

Here is what happened:
We drove to NYC and got shit faced as soon as we got there. We attended one of my brother's band's shows (Arc was out of his element like a mother fucker), then bounced to Crown Heights to meet up with MC Eleven and A.M. Breakups at Willie Green's birthday party. By the time we got there I was so wasted that I almost passed out on the bar. I forgot to call, and inadvertently, blew off a shit load of people. Also, I didn't take any shitty camera phone pics for the blog.

Next day started off proper. We got to Philly at a reasonable time and discovered the perfect hangover cure...Cheese Steaks. Apparently, touristy out-of-state mother fuckers such as we are sent to either this place:

Or this place:

The king of Steaks, yo. Wit wiz all the way.

The rest of the day was not quite as smooth as my post cheese steak bowel movement.

***censored sentence***. That's right faithful lurkers, we got played!!! Yes, we drove all the way to Philly just to have this chick meet us at the gate on some "sorry better luck next time, thanks for playing, there will be NO consolation prizes" shit. ***censored sentence***.

In other, more self serving news. The new project is mixed. Mastering on Monday.

HOLY SHIT!!! Dox even showed up for the final session!!!
He looks bored.

That's it for now. We'll talk soon. PEACE!!!

"Good to keep the Yang up"

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