Monday, May 2, 2011

More Last Minute ADDventures

So, the other night I got a text from the homies over at The Brain Trust asking if I wanted to bless the stage at a show headlined by DJ/Producer K-Salaam at The Church of Boston...........that night. Further solidifying my status as Boston Bench? Bogus indeed, but I like to rock raps and truly do Trust in the Brain (pause), so I threw some merch in the backpack and rode down to Fenway.

The show ended up being extra live, with performance from Greyscale, Charmingly Ghetto, Stephen Jones, and Micha. There was a good crowd and I met a lot of cool peoples. Plus, I got not one but TWO DRINK TICKETS!!! Shucks, thanks fellas. You really know how to make a rapper feel welcome.

Here are some flicks:

The Brain Trust (Connor is mad and Kyle derives his power from his fro): was in the place:

And the show was even Sleezy Trees approved!!!

The next day, during my inevitably severe hangover, I stopped by the Juan Duece video shoot. Where I saw this:

And the drunken antics of this guy:

Late Night with Jimmy Falside.

Being filmed by this guy:

Nicolas Heller of Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys Productions.

That's it for now. My EP with Dox is almost mixed, Tommy's Pizza is the best pizza in Rhode Island, and Osama Bin Laden is supposedly dead.

Hail Satan.

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