Friday, May 20, 2011

New Project Update

I haven't been very mouthy about the fact that I'm in the process of finishing up a brand new project. Admittedly, I suck at promotions. Or maybe I just don't want to be one of those obnoxious assholes that bombards you every 15 seconds on the Internet. Really, I just need to find a happy median.

New media marketing malfunctions aside, the project is a collaboration with Poorly Drawn People producer Dox. He made all the beats, I made all the rhymes (aside from verses from Fam-o Cas and Ink and some real purty singin' from KiKi).

It's an EP entitled "Invisible" and will feature 6 new tracks for you to download and put on your Zune. It will be available for free via bandcamp and pressed in a limited edition physical form for $$$. I haven't decided what form it will take, but I'll let ya know.

Last night I pedaled out to The Bridge Sound and Stage in Cambridge where the mix has been getting Johnny Rambo'd by resident engineer Dan Adams aka Young Jedi.

Here are some pics:

The man at work, making me sound all cool and shit.

The Arcitype was in the place, of course (he runs the studio, stupid). He's probably tweeting about how excited he is to be sitting next to someone as famous as me.

Wafer glasses and PBR!?!!? Fuckin' Hipster (take your tight slacks and backpack and shove them up your asscrack, Esh).

And this Peanut Butter and Peep Samich I ate for dinner cause I'm poor and disgusting.

So, I promise you some new music very soon. Release date!?!? When it's done, bitch.

Resident Blogger (code name: The Monolith)

Oh, and RIP Macho Man Randy Savage. You were my favorite wrestler back when it was ok to watch wrestling.

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Labeless Illtelligence said...

I meant to add, Esh, that f*ckin sandwich is awful bro, don't do that.....