Tuesday, October 12, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number 7

"EveryBody Hates Chris"
Firstly, Moms on this show is Pam from Martin and smart nerd girl from "How I Got Into College" (super B rated 80s flick, holla if ya seen it!) right? Yeah, she can still get it and she gotta be like late 40s early 50s by now.... Why she always play the role of the chic with a serious attitude though? Anyhow, this song has dick to do with the TV show (Even though there is a Chris Rock reference)..... Deto-22's last beat blessing on the record. I battled liking/disliking this beat for a long ass time before I actually wrote to it.... It was a bit too "twangy" for ya man, but I kept trying to work out a hook over the break and couldn't get it outta my head.... This is one of those joints I put pressure on myself to nail, so it took me a bit to compose the whole thing. It's broken up by my sing-songy hook laced X3 and has 2 8 bar rhymes and 1 like 18 - 20 bar joint.... I know people don't consciously listen to 3 16 bar verses, no one's attention span is that keen. The 1st "verse" is a historical breakdown of my name (Chris), the 2nd is a play on words using either "Chris" or "Cas" to substitute like sounding words, and the 3rd verse is me name dropping as many (in)famous first name Chris cats that I could think of.... Takes a second to realise what I did, but if you allow this song a chance, you might actually enjoy what I laid down. I don't do concept records like that, so this is a treat (one that I tried to pull off a few times on the record which is way out the norm for me).... I know mad people named Chris yo. I even know a few whose name (first and last) is the same as mine. I got one of them "Jon Davis" type names, feel me? Never mind the amount of people I know with my same date of birth.... This is for we!!! Cheers.

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