Tuesday, October 19, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry # 12

"The Simplistic Intricacy" Featuring Esh The Monolith & Intrikit

A strong while ago, DJ AlBums used to live with a cat that ended up getting into producing by way of Bums influence and a large record collection. Whenever we got into my car beat discs would be broken out and shared as well as the battle of beats and volume that would ensue within the confines of their shared space. Ha! When cats leave beat discs behind, ya man right here would never consider throwing away (nor giving back to the righfull owner unless asked). Enter Black Floyd aka my man Tyson. This one beat in particular had me open. I asked Tyson to edit the beat more to my liking but that never ended up getting placed into my hands, so in true "Intox-I-Rox" spirit, I just wrote to the sequence given to me and added some creative juices not normally seen within my songs. The bar pattern for this arrangement is like rhyme-able beat for 6 to 8 measures, breakdown, rhyme-able beat for 6 to 8 more measures, breakdown, etc.... So we built around that making the parts that I didn't rhyme on opportunities for Esh & Ink (playing their best Marv Albert/Tommy Heinson roles) to provide commentary about me and said song on some sports show host ish. These 2 cats are clowns, yo. They killed the commentary. I did my best to provide insight of I to the listener on some summarization ish. Mind you, the project was supposed to be entitled "The Simplistic Intricacy" so we were under the impression that this was going to be the title track. Kinda glad I switched ish up, but I will add that this particular song reminds some of a De La "3 Feet High..." or "Dead" feel. I wasn't even aiming for that, but I'll sure as hell take it. This song ends the last official track to the project and the last 3 are basically an outro of sorts and 2 bonus jammies.... I'll try my best to whiz those explanations out in the next 2 days as the project will be with we by Thursday...

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