Thursday, October 21, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number 14

"Groupies Got A One Track Mind"
Yeah, like life works like the picture above.... Seems a little fabricated and thought out just for a pictures sake. I'm pretty sure nobody wants flicks of them with groupies cascading the internet like that (I mean, sh!t, I found this low quality flick on-line, I don't know none of these cats and I got it up on our blog). Anyhow, this is one of those CasUno pays homage butters yo. On "The Art of Pissing People Off!!!" I remade Masta Ace's classic "Keep Ya Eyes On The Prize" with a new rendition of the original beat to really authenticate it. Same here. Lemme break down the grit and grime of this situation for yall. When "The Art Of Pissing People Off!!!" came out in 2004 a cat named Gnostic hit us up expressing interest. We came to find that he had some bangin beats, uber hip hop knolly, and a sh!tload of software. He was a generous lad, even invited me and Missing Ellaments to his wedding. Problem was, cousin was/is the flighty-est dude I have ever met. Can't meet deadlines or be a resonsible adult to save his life. I like Gnostic though. I found him to be pretty well educated, sophisticated, and compatable. Again, flighty cat & drank hard... Anyhow, he laced me with many discs while we chilled for those couple years. I still hear from him once every 3 years, see him at shows once every 2 years, and reads this blog (plus others we are featured on) religiously (Hi Gnostic!). Let it be known I have made several attempts to let Gnostic know I used his beats and tried to get his involvement, but to no avail. IF? you know me like that you know I don't hold back. He indeed caught a great deal of me not holding back as he attempted to get down with us those couple of years... So onto the now. I been wanting to remake "Sally Got A One Track Mind" for years cause one of the beats on this disc was a great interpolation of said song with the same samples (maybe even more elements than Diamond's version) and let's face it, I love early 90s/late 80s rap the most. I invited Reason to rock the second verse cause Reason always found ways to get me involved in his music and always wanted to return the favor. Plus I always like his raps and I know Reas is a big Diamond D fan too. We both mimmicked Diamond's flow patterns and made them original to we. I chose to keep it general on some "groupies got a..." rather than another chic's name to keep myself from getting interogated by the wife thinking the name I chose held significance, but all in all, my wife wants to know why I'm making songs about groupies. The answer: I have no clue, I'm just trying to fit a format and never speak in a personal context and sh!t, what do I know about groupies.... I think we pulled it off but out of all the tracks I have explained thusfar, this track and the last track on the project have caught all the negative scrutiny. Did I make a record that built up to a non-climactic ending? Or is that scary that these are the 2 last CasUno solo tracks I'm leaving yall with? Don't be scurred.....

Here's to you, Huge Heffner:

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