Wednesday, October 13, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number 8

"Stinky Sullivan" Featuring Esh The Monolith & Intrikit
Awe yes, Ben Seaver!!! In light of great unseen (or rarely seen) characters such as the Gooch, Richard "Boner" Stabone (What up J Strest!), "Bud" from the Cosby show (Shouts to the 1st Kenny though! Fat white kid lived across the street from the Huxtables? Wouldn't talk? Forget it.).... The great blame-for-Ben, Stinky Sullivan, immortalized via song title. This song has nothing to do with that dude, btw, yall should know about my naming songs steez by now.... I originally wanted the entire "SOLAST" record to be mostly produced by Esh with some production provided by others here and there.... Most of that potential production ended up composing "Absolutely" by Romen Rok as he housed the majority of Esh's open beats while recording at frESH Ear.... I also wanted Esh to rhyme on over 50% of the project. So 1 beat and 5 guest shots later.... Heh.... Esh gets comical on some private joke ish at the very begining then laces an extremely wordy verse over his finely tuned tune whose resequenced beat bashes what we originally recorded over. Ink stops by to lace the typical type hook that we do not typically provide.... I have to admit, this song might just live up to the legacy that is "Stinky Sullivan" from "Growing Pains".... Yes, I said "Growing Pains".... Heh.

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