Friday, October 15, 2010

S.O.L.A.S.T. Explained: Entry Number 10

One of those tracks that I reverted back to my Intox-I-Rox Solid days of writing to the exact sequence given to me. I been had this concept or the need to push this concept a long time ago. IF? you were up on my 1st release Multiple Complications then think "Confuscious Say" jawn only with rhyme this time. I mapped out a scratch hook in my head and Gibran made it come to life exactly how I envisioned it. Intrikit on the production, a bit of a purposely done lull for the record as everything else pretty much seems like a Tyson blow (pause). This is like a Tyson open-handed slap. The title says it all and I say the rest....on the record. Word.

Don't forget about this sh!t tomorrow. The smaller the show, the more blown outta proportion sh!t gets. Go figure....

I coulda sworn this place capacitates at like 50 - 75, so IF? you plan on attending by way of having to pay to get in, you might wanna get there early.

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