Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's April, Fools!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the season of London type rain, folks.....
Allow we to cheer yall up with some downloadable freeness while Mother Nature pisses on our parade.....Actually, do people still like parades? I fear the day I have to take my daughter to one, I seriously hate 'dem 'tings....
Anyhow, our famalams J.D.O. (whose new blogspot link can be found to the right) is tossing out his 1st two mix jammies free to the public. Get blessed here:


And to lace the up-to-date musical stylings, our pal Falside aka Falsarelli just uploaded a 6 song zip treat for all yall to feast on....The blessing showcases ya main man Esh, Reason, Prolyphic (Strange Famous Records), Vast Aire, C Rayz Walz, & newcomer Dirty Hank. Click the cover below to get blessed!!!!

You're welcome, you ungratefull f*cks!!!!