Saturday, February 2, 2008

ESH's Year In Review

This is what I remember of 2007. Nothing is ranked, it's just a list.

Aesop Rock "None Shall Pass"
C-Rayz Walz "Monster Maker"
I Am The Heat "Naked EP"
LoDeck "Behold"
Sean P "Jesus Price Superstar"

No Country For Old Men
The Darjeeling Limited

Flight of The Concords

Civil War
52 (late pass on both)

Other Good Shit:

The Futha Muckin CELTICS!!!
The Patriots perfect regular season
My brother got engaged (good luck Tina, HA!)
My father started writing a book about his life
My mom is is uncle Henry
A good friend had a beautiful healthy daughter
Lisa & Amaya
I finished recording my album!!!
Moved to EP / The inception of Fresh Ear
6 months of free money from the government
Never got that sick
Playing drums @ Deeb's spot
Portland Maine!!!
Bi-Focal Bastards
New Labeless T-shirts
PDP Nothing Stays Gold
Barack Obama starting to campaign
New non-stick pans
The Good Life (sometimes)
The sandwich spot down the street
Getting black out smashed off Johnny Walker Blue at an open bar corporate function (also file under "shit that sucked")
Kicking over a monitor at the Blackstone, watching some corny rap dude pick it up and put it back on stage only to have CasUno kick it back in his face

Shit that sucked:
Getting laid off
Getting kicked out of my old apartment
Oscar the cat from the dementia ward making national news (Stay the fuck away from Nonna!!!)
The Red Sox (sorry ya'll, I was born a Yankees fan)
A birthday infused with three 7s not resulting in good luck
The electric company getting wise to my scheme while I was in NY
No one started saying "the double Oh 7" (Bums was the first I heard)
Certain plans never manifested (those who knows, knows)
The 8am meeting at work after the Johnny Walker incident
HoodStock (Not the strongest year, my bad D)
Dane Cook not getting punched in the face

More pros than cons...good year.

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Al Bums said...

Dan cook will get punched in his face one day Esh!