Friday, February 22, 2008

FREE Download EP, CasUno & Rock Solid are Intox-I-Rox Solid...."Stink Talk"

Sorry to blow ya spot like this, bro, but it has meaning right now....This is a picture of my man Rock Solid passed the f*ck out on Esh's couch w/ Darth Vader straight bobbin' for apples on 'em....Heh.....Too much Hennessy too early'll do that to ya.....But wait folks, no longer do you have to suck down that Henny so quick without the proper theme music....Today, we bring forth Intox-I-Rox Solid "Stink Talk", a project put together a month or so before I got married using the many beats Rock Solid has donated to my lyricism over the past 9 or 10 years.....See, most cats just trash it and forget about it, me, I keep every damn disc that has been given to me by anyone nice enough to lace me like that....Obviously the anxiety of getting married is more than enough to bury the most tough of all men alive, so what I did in calming myself down was writing and recording over the person who laced me the most's beats rather than allowing them to rott into obscurity (like so many "MCs" do).....This project serves as the anthem to gettin' ya trashed on....Beyond Crunky Brewster with yours even....No more talk, Rock on the beats, CasUno & friends on the M-I....Missing Ellaments recorded the whole thing at his beloved Melodic Voice Box Recordings (IF? that's what he still calls it) and Gibran came through with the intense clean up of the entire project.....Without any further a do, my download nerds, allow we to present to yall, Stink Talk:

Track listing and what not (No artwork with project, just MS Word document with credits and song list):

1. Intro (Happy Hour)
2. The Illtelligent Regiment
3. A Wasted Walk In The Park
4. Intox-I-Rox-Stramental
5. No Politics (Intox-I-Rox Remix) featuring Missing Ellaments
6. Live From The Hall Of Justice featuring AmsUno & Esh The MonoLith
7. Intox-I-Rox-Stramental
8. Stink Talk
9. Trashish'ed Speech
10. Intox-I-Rox-Stramental
11. Non-Cohesive Comprehension featuring Dirty Ice
12. Passed Outro

Enjoy it or don't, either way it's free 99.

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