Thursday, February 28, 2008

Intox-I-Rox Eye Candy.....

Our homie schomie Storm Davis laced the extremely dope cover art for the "Stink Talk" release...Big ups to Esh and Ro for their superior modeling styles and DJ AlBums on the photography tip....IF? you haven't snagged it up yet, make sure you follow the link in the previous update.
Our affiliated friends out in Hawaii, Siq Records,headed by Ray Niikura (Mahalo) have decided to expand their free download library by including the Intox-I-Rox record....Word up...good looks to my man Doogie Howitzer for the hook up, indeed.
Speaking of Doogie Howitzer and the Hand'Solo fams out in T Dot, we've been contacted to cough up an accapella for some remix project being put together by their fams DJ Planit, in which we ushered out "The Anti Cymbal Monkey Movement" by Esh featuring the likes of CasUno who combine forces and become The Last Beer.....It's yet another dope joint via Esh's debut "The Of An E.ccentric S.uper H.ero". We'll deliver yall more info as it develops.
For now, walk tall and carry a big stick.

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