Thursday, January 31, 2008

No one asked so I said it anyway.....

Looks like everyone's showing how important their opinion is to everyone else with these top 5 of 2007 lists. Every list I have taken a gander upon pretty much suck. So, like you would expect from I, here is my non-sucky top 5 HIP HOP albums of 2007 (In no particular order):

1. El-P "I'll Sleep When You're Dead"/Aesop Rock "None Shall Pass"
2. C Rayz Walz & Sharkey "Monster Maker"/C Rayz Walz "Chorus Rhyme"
3. Rahiem Jamal "BoomBox"
4. Sean Price "Jesus Price SuperStar"
5. I actually listed 6, but counted the 2 Def Jux releases as one entry and did the same for the C Rayz affiliated releases...In all honesty 2007 wasn't all that great a year for releases, though, a lot of cats will argue with me about that.....Let's see what happens this year with record sales being so great thanks to digital downloads and ring tones and ish.....

Every album listed is straight independant, f*ck all you chumps listing ish 10 year old girls "obviously" listen to like Kanye West, Jay-Z, 50 Cent....That ish is mad pre-teen, TRL, 106 & Park...I'm in my 30s and have no aspirations to get down in the realm of tight jeans, Bathing Apes, and overpriced/loud zip up hoodies...A whole lot of yall forgot where Hip Hop came from and what it really is, but that's cause ya mad insecure of ya coolness now that you got a little older. Notice I ain't include anything I might have appeared on nor did I cheerlead for my "music buddies" by cosigning someone close to I's greatness....Rap is becoming an increasingly demeaning form of entertainment "hella accellerated" like Del said on the 11th Hour DVD.

....I'll ask Esh what his was and get that to yall asap....

Anyone hear that RhymeFest "Man In The Mirror" Michael Jackson mix CD (download, FREE dowload)? I'm not even a fan, especially since the time we opened up for Wu along w/ Fest and his DJ tried to utter smart gestures under his breath concerning my sneaker choice, but this ish is bananas and I can't stop listening to it.....But you know, go enjoy ya Kanye, Hova, Fitty Cent cocktail....Keep it real, gang.


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