Monday, January 28, 2008

January down, 11 more to go.....

Wowsers on that party, Scoob....
Out of control at its finest.
To the 100+ attendees that either participated, added on, or found out and came through...Thank you mucho....Honestly don't remember much between the constant flow of brew and tree and having to entertain yall on some host-the-party ish...
I stumbled out at like 3AM and I hear stragglers ain't bounce 'til like 6AM.....yall are crazy without the Brian Thello.....
Anyhow, Esh is in motion finishing up his debut now that the festivities are over and done with. We swear it was just XMas last week but whatever yo.....
All area crews killed ish:
Awkward Landing
Need Not Worry

Poorly Drawn People (Storm, good looks on ALL ya help, fam)
Sneaky Pete (Good looks on the video footage!)
Vice Versah
...and the sound selektas alike:
Swerv One
Sterby Rock
DJ AlBums
(Good ish on being communal with ya equipment)
...DJ-I-Want-My-$$-Back didn't catch too much shine due to his beer soaked records and poor time scheduling in keeping things moving...I mighta got like 5 to 7 records off and then misplaced all of them....
Ref, you were the king of cups and crowd control (you too Strest!)....
Other than that, most feedback has been exceedingly great.
Bottom line, good lookin out yall, the party blew past our expectations but you will probably never see us pull some ish off like that ever again.
Deebs, good looks on the location, too bad that joint is no more in like a few days. I'd list off the countless attendees so yall can see yall's name in monitor lights, but there were far too many of yall.....
I will make mention that for a second there was a UNITY flashback with Messiah Carey and CasUno hosting the show right quick (that was my highlight...Well, that and the 13 - 17 chics I invited showing up!)
peace suckas.

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