Friday, May 25, 2012

Extra Floss With A Side Of Realness

It took me over 10 years of running around the night clubs of Providence, RI to finally end up rocking a Don King affiliated event (I wasn't in the picture yet when 'Round Midnight was jumping off).... I recall less than 5 years ago getting denied entry to The Black Rep every time me and some grimies got even inches near the door.... All the while, true crook ass cats throw on some damn near cavarrici pants, take their hats off, swap kicks for some gators, rock stunnas, and swag extra to hide their grimey and be allowed access to these wanna be upper echelon spots. No offense, just not my thing yo. What I will say about this experience is that I was treated pretty damn good and saw a bunch of cats I used to see regularly who were shocked that "I'm still around".... I been around yo, just not around the spots yall have gained dominance within. Don't wet it none, I grew up around here, I know the drill. I also know this much.... I can entertain damn near anyone. I can also tell you I'm not much on being the center of attention (Most will disagree very hard) on some all about me sh!t.... Just ain't my steez.... But big ups to The Cheesiel, that sh!t is keeping me content like a ph*ck yo.....

In summation, here is a quote given to me by Bear or Lil Bear however you may know the notorious Newport, RI Ghostown affiliate....

"Cas, I known you, what, over 10 years now and I still have no idea what the ph*ck ya big word fast delivery ass is saying so what we gonna do is get a DJ to chop-n-screw the sh!t outta ya songs, put it out, and call it "This Is What The Ph*ck I Been Saying All This Time"....."

I love it. Needless to say maybe the stylings of ChrisUno EndCrews wasn't exactly appropriate for said event location..... Like I said before, either or, I can entertain anyone at the end of the day.

Big ups to my brother Dirty Ice for joining me to deliver "The Spit Pit" in which he killed the hell out of btw.....

The event was hosted by Mad Lad

Peace to the brother Mayhem from EMS for repping in Rhode Island as a fellow MA resident.
Off rip, 1st person that gave me dap all night. Peace unto you and your queen, B.
Big ups to DJ Tone for holding not only me down, but all other performers and the sound scape for the evening. Word.
Big ups to Rhyme Culture for putting me on (once again) and all the performers that rocked.
Big ups to finally running into my man Black Flloyd after 2 years of trying to lace him with his share of my last release (in which he produced a joint on) as he tends bar at said spot.
I hadn't seen MC Mao since the days of rockin at Snookers..... (I always thought homey was Creole like me cause Maio is the name of one of Cape Verde's Islands)

And you know I hadda put my homie schomies D.I.M. on the bill.....

I gave out over 50 copies of "Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb" last night just to be Santa Claus like that..... Hopefully they don't just end up coasters or something to break tree up on to those who received said blessing.... Didn't surprise me on how many local heads within that outlet had no idea of it's existence..... Cause let's face fact, your humble nah-ray-tor definitely sticks the f*ck out like a sore thumb in any circle.....

Peace world.

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