Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Madness of March....

Hey March, I think you just turned June.....

Our Legacy Pending or an utter waste of space & time? Do you have the entire library to make a solid judgement call? Do you care? We did.

I tried to get tix to the Sweet 16 games in Boston.
$3000 for floor seats.
$1000 - $750 for Loge seating.
$750 - $350 for the Balcony.
My couch is Free 99.
My support is infinite.

MF (Mini Fingaz) DOOM

My yute squad is playing for the chip on Saturday.
1st year coaching.
3 - 7 season (I jumped on board after missing 3 games already, so I'm at 3 - 4 with 2 play off wins. IF? we take the whole sh!t (pause) I went just over .500 for the season.... And coached a championship caliber team. We had good coachable kids, what can I say... Yar!!!)

Good weather.
Good 'tings a'gwan.
Good people do good things.
Call me Captain Karma... How's yours right about now?

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