Sunday, March 4, 2012

Get The Ph*ck Off This Planet & Die!!!!

I am absolutely about to believe the lock out was a silent scheme to buy time in finding out how the NBA can milk the unbelievable amounts of Asian-American & Asian money in order to compensate for a longer than average return to regular season play..... This is a bit too much for a kid who indeed did play on an impressive Harvard squad that did some actual NCAA damage... But yo, homeboy was drafted LAST year (desperation styles) and got his share of shifts around the league already plus some D League run... Jimmer Freddette on that, ya Gordon Hayward... Sheesh. NYC is such a desperation trend market... How many cats will rep this hat next year when he gets his share of shifts around the league plus some D League run.... Exactly.

I'm really not speechless on some wow! sh!t....
Peace...of sh!t yo.

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