Sunday, November 27, 2011

Buddies Birthday Blowout on Black Friday in the Berkshires

First of all, fuck Black Friday. Seeing people lined up out side a Wal Mart in tents in the cold just makes me sad. If you went out shopping and supported small businesses you get a pat on the back, champ.

Me? I bought a couple slices of pizza and ate them in the whip on the way to western Massachusetts (only because I had to leave RI before pops laced his famous open faced turkey sandwiches).

Rocking in Housatonic, MA on Black Friday has become a holiday tradition at this point. Don't sleep on shows in the mountains. Things tend to get a little crazy. Last Friday was no exception. Especially because this year's show fell on the Born on Date of both Domink Omega (aka Reggie, the most popular man in said mountains) and this guy:

Janos "The Arcitype" Fulop: Producer, AR Classic Label owner, and the tightest of homies.

After a car ride listening to these grizzly gentlemen (Fran P and Skip):
school me on all the new school rap that I've never heard of. We arrived at the venue and were greeted with delicious bar burgers and this:

Which, along with the shots of whiskey people kept buying me, got me drunk enough to have trouble processing this:
Black man in tie dyed shirt and cowboy hat who sounded like Wesley Willis dropping n-bombs when he rhymed.

After I rocked and while these guys (The High Life) were on stage:
I was pretty far gone. The beer and bourbon didn't stop flowing until 6am. I remember going to an after party with this ill boombox shrine (the model I grew up with is front row center):
I also remember the same person who had me faced on Molly last time I was in town offering me acid and me turning it down (pussy, I know). Then I got lost on some mountain road until Arc and Vice randomly drove by and saved my life. Thanks fellas.

Fun night as always. Thanks to everyone who bought merch. See you next time Berks.

Annnnnnnd let me further pull the Arcitype's card:
DOUBLE THREAT STAUS IN '94, YO!!! (get it!? pull his card!?)

Peace out whipper snappers.

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