Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Impromptu Art, Fool!

So, yeah.

Last Friday my man Taj of Defcon hit me up and asked me to rock his art show's after party, on some last minute shit. I said yes because I enjoy reciting raps in front of humans, sometimes. Plus, both the Gallery and after party bar are about a block from the crib.

After a nasty Cuban sandwich, Dunkin' Donuts coffee, and an unexpected bowel movement in a public restroom, I block trooped to Stingray Body Art to peep the work of Sol9 (aka Taj).

In addition to the tattoo parlor, Stingray has a separate gallery where they do openings and special events. They also have computer stations set up for people to browse the internets and get ideas for their latest Ink...which I found weird and not very counter culture. Clean.

Here is the Sol9 wall:

After the Hip Hoppiest of wine and cheese events, the crowd migrated next door to O'briens for performances by H.W., Defcon, Outwrite, and Myself. DJ Emoh Betta was holding down the tables. Here are some pics:

And cuz you gots to have video nowadays, yo:

Shouts to The Arcitype, Greg (I guess formally of Karmaloop now), Ricky Gougian (beard dude) from I forgot your blog's name, Darius Loftis from Abstraks, and everyone else who made it out. I even left with some arts:

Got Drunk, had fun, stumbled home.

The white guy from Labeless who isn't Intrikit.

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