Thursday, August 19, 2010

Labeless IS For The Children After All.....

Today I got the opportunity to speak to one of our area's yute in regard to music/life courtesy of the nice people over at the Perspectives Corporation (Sonya, John, and a gentlemen whose name has already gotten caught in the cobwebs of my mizer...My bust yo, cousin took a flick for me and all).....Ian Essex is 14 years old and today was his last day of enrollment at said program. We got to chop it up about what he listens to, how he already records at Beat Box Studios, and what's really important in persuing dreams. I honestly walked away from the experience feeling blessed to try to help out the yute of OUR area in assessing career paths and the reality of life. Here's to you Ian, thank you.

As you can see I need a diet, some posture classes, and knowing better than to take flicks in my work wears. (Side Note: I am 6 feet tall, this kid is just huge (pause), so don't look at me like Spudd Webb).


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