Monday, January 19, 2009

Work & No Play...Yeah, right yo, we get it in!!!!

Greetings suckas!!!
Been busy in multiple labs as of recent helping friends of ours out on puttin' in work and doing a likkle occupational rap butterz on our own as well....Some ish is working out, some ish is a damn hindrance....Life, yo, never can map it out and make it happen without considering the inevitable monkey wrench....We'll keep yall posted on our peoples' projects as well as our own....Right here....People actually admit to being up on we nowadays....Cool.....Here's some flicks form the past weekend of we at work (in the lab) and some familiar faces you can associate us putting in work with:

That's not foggy, f*cked up flicks ya peepin' out...That's the ever existant inspirado that emanates from frESH Ear on the regs, money!!!!

Check for we January 30th rockin' with Apathy and our Poorly Drawn Peoples (Peep flyer below) then keep watch for a Billy Ray Valentine's Day special that you won't soon forget.....As always, stay tuned for all the latest news concerning we and people we know that you actually might like.....



Anonymous said...

Feelin' the carpet behind Esh in the second picture.

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