Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ChrisUno End-Of-The-Year-wRAP-Ups....

Hi, my name is ChrisUno EndCrews, I don't claim to be the end all, be all of Hip Hop music taste, but it sure is a great deal better than some of the ish I see most of yall "vibin" off of....
I hadda really search back into the begining of the year to make sure I considered everything from 2008 my ears were exposed to....Esh does this type of thing far better than I, but here's my biased selections of the past year's musical offerings I deem noteworthy on some top 5 ish (In no particular order except for the fact that the Opio album is by far my favorite album in all of 2008!!!):

And to round out my list of 5, there's a 3 way tie (for good reason!)... I cannot stand when people up themselves... It's damn near shamefull bringing forth shameless self promotion, fore IF? no one is on ya ish bigging it up, then shut the crunk up, feel me? But in this case....heh...I wish I could see Esh's project in a lot more people's top lists but he made the mistake of running with those that never heard the words thank you (heh) together in one sentence aimed in the direction of we.... So along with his record as apart of this 3 way tie I have included a record that should have been out long before it's this year release and a project someone did as a joke (and still sounds 10 times better than most people's albums):

And there you have it, folks.....You don't like what I have to offer up and wanna fight about it then F*CK OFF!!!! (Haaaa!!!) (*Note: The only artist on this list I have never had the honor to speak with in person at some point is Q Tip...Keep it movin' like minds!!!)


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