Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Meet The Parents....

I'm not gonna go nuts with this.....
I hate guns.
I've had friends that have died because of guns.
My oldest child is in kindergarten.
She's 5.
School shootings.....
Words cannot express my sediments in regard to those mixed up minds out there that choose to go out guns blazin..... At the easiest targets known to man.
Beautiful, defenseless, impressionable, innocent children.

Instead of joining the ranks of the rest of the world on some jump up on the soap box and speak my opinion as IF? it were gospel; I'm choosing to high light a possible positive IF? there is/was one.....

I work during the day.
My Mother and Mother-In-Law care for my children whilst my wife and I are at work.
After reading the immediate headline concerning the atrocity that occurred in CT I quickly thought of the possibility of copy cats..... I couldn't leave work to go grab my kid outta school and bring her to where she's most safe: HOME. But I was relieved when I got the call at the end of the day stating that my daughter's school had been on lock down since noon the day of the shootings. We live 2 hours and some change away from Sandy Hook, a state away even..... But the immediate thought of something happening to my daughter at her school was unavoidable. This is the 3rd time my daughter's school has been locked down this year, the previous 2 were precautions necessary when unidentified people enter the building. The doors to her school are all locked btw and you need permission to enter the building at one particular entrance. Her preschool was the same way. I did find it odd that the other schools in town did not take similar measures.....

The school my daughter attends for grammar school is the same one I attended for grammar school.
A lot more kids that look like us there now.
The other side of the tracks goes to school cross town.
I have bad memories of that school.
BUT I appreciate the hell outta it right now and feel safe with my daughter attending there.....

I will never understand how ANYONE could harm young children or those that care for them directly.
Maybe IF? there were no guns we wouldn't have worries as such.
Maybe IF? EVERY school in the US had bars on the windows and an armed security guard sh!t would be different....
You ever been to Jamaica?
You ever see what the streets look like when school starts and is let out?

NYC has barred windows, locked doors, and security.

We need to stop thinking the burbs and lily white people ville is so safe you can leave open doors and still remain safe. It's f*ckin 2012.....

RIP to every one of those little beautiful figures of inspiration that tragically lost their young lives because one person couldn't put their head on straight. America, let's make sure this never happens again!

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