Monday, June 11, 2012

Quick Catch-Up/UpDate Post.....

Finally got to Providence last week to meet up with someone about some sh!t, so seeing Intrikit was in the area as well, caught lunch down in Oneyville amidst the monsoon we were having... This clever chap decided to use one of those things we use to line trash cans as a rain coat.... The ingenuity I tell ya!!!!

Got a chance to speak to the students at Nichols Middle School in Middleboro, MA courtesy ala my homegirl Nat.... Very interesting questions this year from the kids. Some highlights:

"Do you live in the hood?"

"Have you ever done a hood anthem?"

"Who is really the best rapper ever; Biggie or Tupac?"

"Do you have swag?"

"Is that a Rolex?" (I didn't think middle schoolers of today would have the same outlook upon Rolex watches as us 80s kids, but OK..... Can you say Movato, kids? PS: My watch is not a Movato either)

"Do you like (Hopsin, Lupe Fiasco, Tyler the Creator, & a list of cats I would never listen to like that)?"

"Have you ever had a fist fight because of rap?"

"Has anyone ever made a diss track about you?"

They were just curious teenagers from a town with far less people of color than my own.... And the town is right next door to my beloved Broham like that... Go figure.... Educational none the less (for me most definitely and for them I hope so....)

My daughter graduated pre-school last week..... Guess I'm getting old? Don't really feel it though yo.....
I actually feel a bit rejuvenated. Been busy too. Coaching summer league yute ball with my man Sonny again....

Got on some spontaneous sh!t Saturday and took part in creating something I never thought I would. I just hope to share it with yall after everything is all said and done......

Hit me up IF? ya need someone to actually entertain you in a live capacity, need some real tunes to vibe out to this summer, or just to chop it up about nothing in particular. I'm cool like that, matter of fact, even cooler.....


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