Sunday, April 1, 2012

Atta Staight Fahmz

My man from CT (By way of BK) finally laces the public's ears with his abilities showcased via a compiled project (Available by clicking cover art above or HERE). Roc Doogie appeared on "Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb" on a joint entitled "The Spit Pit" and is one of my favorite MCs to sit with baited breath waiting for new joints to be released by.... And he's cool peoples on some "outside of work" sh!t.... lol.... Anyhow, certified co-signed, grab yaself a slice of "Roc, Paper, Scissors" & find yaself enjoying rap music for a change.... Intrikit catches production shines on the last track too, btw.... Word.

Speaking of Intrikit... He's trying his hand at the video thing kids are ga-ga about nowadays.... Not too shabby for a first go at it... Peep science:

"Humblesome" Produced by Rain from the soon to be released D.I.M. "Bright Ideas" project....
Enjoy some non-foolish April blessings.

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