Monday, February 20, 2012

Even More Free Music For You & Yours (The Presidents' Day Version Even!!!)

"What's going on people.
Just before my son was born in August, I had started a new full length release. It's the best thing I've made so far, but it's on pause. NO TIME! At least not right now. The baby, the shop, and a new home are in the works. All that stuff yall did when yall was 22 - 27, I did from 31 - 33. Just jammin' it in (pause). Rest is on the horizon though....
In the mean time and in between time,
HERE's an EP of randoms that I made for other projects & some unreleased stuff that has no home. Tons of dope beats from my man S. Grace and even a few from yours truly.

Good sh!t, Jake.....
Hope yall are having a good day off, I'm at work yo....
Good weekend done happened.... (On some sports sh!t, btw)
My yute squad down by 5 in the last 48 seconds of the game bounced back with a long 2 and a 3 pointer to tie the game with only a few seconds left. Into OT we went and ended up pulling out the W by 3.... Good stuff shouts goes to my team!!! I coached for delphy cause my man out'ed on some weekend with a woman excursion... Lahwd knows I got nathan but free time to help out most days.... I'm older. Not complaining.

My Orangemen are also killin' sh!t right about now. I been quiet since we lost to Notre Dame a few weeks ago.... Brothers is back on that sh!t and only got 3 more regular season games to go. I love me some f*ckin basketball yo...

I just bought a pair of over expensive kicks cause I don't know how to cease the day when they are offered to me at regular price just to celebrate. Take that paypal!!! lol


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