Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sound Session '09 Fuzzy Pics From My Drunken BlackBerry

Poorly Drawn People with Esh & Romen Rok took Sound Session by storm....Starrs & Murph killed ish harder than I ever seen them rock too....It was a frESH night...Much frESHer than going to my 15 year class reunion last night...That just...sucked, basically...It was good to see some people but not so good to see others and yo, I really had no business getting as bent as I did and going up in there with my old p-n-c Sonny forgettin peoples names and ish.....I suck...hahaha....No I don't...YOU DO!!!! Word. Enjoy the visuals you closet readers:

My man Nysto's SBs were killin 'em...I know you just copped the Blue Lobsters, son, but these are classique (I seen MadOne had these joints on that night too yo!!!) Correct me IF? I'm wrong, but isn't that HOT106's Vinnie Boom Bap seen with Esh and Romen above?

Mad Birthday season for ya man right now.

Hope I survive.

OK, clock Z's....

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