Sunday, September 7, 2008

Home Court Disadvantage.....

You know what's really encouraging?

Returning home from being gone just 2 days out to rushing around engaging in evening activities (dinner, unpacking, spending "QT" with the fam, cleaning up, etc), going over last minute details, getting our mind right, and ensuring we actually get to the venue at a decent hour....for what?

Cats really tried to throw us on as the show opener?
Pinning the list order on one another?
I mean, much, much, much can be said about the whole ordeal in a serious sh*t slanging manner, but to keep ish positive and entertaining to any and all who actually read this digital word's the highlights followed by pictures fom the return ride from Illadelph/Jerz New to the end of the night's 195 late night misadventure back to the crib to clock Z's.....

Big ups to those who present themselves as peace people: Storm Davis, CEV, JT, Ro, Barry & Kristal, Romen Rok, J Strest, Gavin Castleton, Petey WheatStraw, Shonin Flesh, Spit Personalitys (Troop & Mic Feen), Neil Down.....To our dear buddies Ax Butane & Mike "Gigs" Delehanty, thank yall ever so much for the hospitality and respect. It always lives right up to exactly what we expect. Word.

So three shows 3 days in a row which isn't sh*t to the working musician but a big deal for musicians that work....It's gonna take too much to gain back the ground around the way on some home and occupational (Crocker!), but so be it.....Was it worth it? Yes and no, mostly yes. Would we do it again or extend ish into a more tour like state? Wish we could yo, wish we could....There's some serious responsibilty ish that falls over you once you're at a certain age or at a certain point in ya life where ya acquisitions dictate ya time investment.....Right now, while it looks like we can, cats will be getting back to the actual factual daily grind of bill paying and hope some of the seeds we planted in the last few months sprout whilst we return to reality....Definitely keep yall posted 'pon that there when it blesses accessability....

Peace to any and all who have been a positive reinforcement to we running around the upper industrial NorthEast for a few nights....I'm sticking with the Philly experience being my personal preference while Esh may disagree...I'm pretty sure Bums is with me on said assessment....Anyhow, here's the remainder of my visuals for yall to enjoy. There's a good deal here cause it's home sweet home...Thank you.....Goodnight....and as always....Squeeze!!!

As you can tell, Providence is a mad house at 2AM when the clubs let out and hell releases itself into the streets....Some of our closest bretheren surrounded we at our 3rd of the trio (of shows), I actually don't look half as trashished in this final picture as I did in other city stop's final pictures, and when bachelerette parties unleash themselves unto the front of the stage it makes for some great ass instant inspirado (Romen Rok, you lucky bastid)...That's all folks.

Piss off!!! (Peace)

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