Thursday, July 17, 2008

We Got Yall Stuck On The Weirdness....

Yo, firstly, what the frunk is THIS?
It's bugged out finding ish like that. Promos just went out this week (St.ARTing to, anyhow), so we have no clue how cats is up on the skidoop like that....Interest levels is amazing though...

The following retail outlets are in the process of being laced. IF? you avidly shop at these spots or live in the vacinity, stop through and support!!!

Bull Moose Music (Maine and New Hampshire)
Newbury Comics (RI, MA, & Maine)
The Cop Shop (Long Island, NY) (Boston, MA)

And of course, yall can purchase via we on some paypal ish at
$2 S&H for domestic orders, and our foreign fams will have to work something out with we to get yall the goods....

We'll be busy initiating the working of "The of an E.ccentric S.uper H.ero", but check for we in Danbury, CT mid August and Philly in early September.



Bull Moose said...

Thanks for the plug.

The crew at Bull Moose

Labeless Illtelligence said...

No doubt yall, thanks for allowing we to channel through yalls outlet!
peace and respect!