Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just Spell My Name Right.....

Look Mom, they still don't see the prefix of the surname.....
Speechless, we are.
This happens so much, we wonder how much of who we is and what we do is known to anyone really.
Regardless, July 12th we'll be in Malden ready to rock. IF? you live in the surrounding Beantown area, come through and peep the science (project).
Is that Linguistic on the bill? Wow!
I'm pretty sure Ax Butane's NOT going to make this trip with us. I got the inside scoop, maybe.

Esh's record is still not back yet, but will be soon. We plan on spreading it around as far as the connections we have will allow. Estimated arrival is looking like sometime within the next two weeks. Trust, you'll know when it's here.

Rhode Island is admittedly not liking us anymore. It's cool, we still plan on running a muck around town regardless, Providence!!!! Mind you, we truly enjoy the energy and wildness of Fun Town, Rhody...but it's not the end all be all, nor do we care to participate in pissing contests nor "playing the game" to maintain our local celebrity. Sorry (We're NOT sorry!!!)...

After we get Esh's project back, plan to see we on some in store action, possible listening party, possible record release, and by August we'll be heading back out to Danbury, CT to rock with the AntFarm Affiliates (who just grabbed a new site for themselves, follow the link!)...

Hustle and bustle right now, Russell (Bill Russell that is).
Enjoy ya holiday weekend, be safe, responsible, and try to have some fun.

peace and patriotism (New England).
"Picture us cooling out on the 4th of July...And IF? you heard we was celebrating, that's a world wide lie!!!!!"

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