Friday, June 25, 2010

A Touch of Orange

The #4 overall selection in the NBA draft, Wesley Johnson!!! Johnny Flynn welcomes you.... Ryan Gomes curses you.... It's all good Ryan, Portland's one of my teams too.... It all worked out well for me (lol)...
You caught the 2nd round grab, my man.... Say hello to playing in the league for under $500,000.... At least you get to stay in the great state of New York!!! Now don't go all John Wallace on us, fam.... Finally, a white Syracuse point guard gets drafted... Too bad Eric Devendorf, too bad Gerry McNamara.... You did the impossible, Andy Rautins!!! Good for you (& Leo)....
Additionally, super big ups to Adam Silver, the deputy commissioner of the NBA.... You sir, epitomize, THE MAN!!!
I now realise I want to be you when I grow up.
Peace Basketball World!!!
(This should make for an interesting week of free agency)

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