Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top Five of 2009 (CasUno)...

I had a hard ass time trying to come up with my top 5 of the past year yo....
Not because there was so much ish to sift through, but because I can honestly only vouch for 1 album fully....
Now I'm not one to talk bad about Hip Hop music, especially in a day and age when most people b!tch about rap more than they big it up, but this past year's releases SUCKED! I probably downloaded more free ish that I vibe out to than vibe out to ish I actually bought (and IF? you know me, I buy A LOT of music)....
I don't know, man. I really, really hope this year's release schedule has more in store for we the listener than 2009....Seemingly the year of wet dream collabs (which is frESH, but some of these collab projects could have been a bit better in regard to quality).
Anyhow, here's my top 5 releases of last year....St.ARTing with the absolute best record I've purchased since Opio's "Vulture's Wisdom" in 2008 and before that, Cool Calm Pete's "Lost" in 2005 (Ouch!)....
Paten Locke "Super Ramen Rocket Ship"My two favorite MCs ever Del & Tame One collab'ed on an album I still swear is 85% to 95% freestyle "Parallel Uni-verses"Then there was the Ed OG & Masta Ace collab album "Arts & Entertainment"Yet another super-collab, Souls of Mischief & Prince Paul with "Montezuma's Revenge"

And rounding out my weak list is yet another blessing outta the Hiero camp, Opio's FREE "EveryBody Loves The Sun" EP (follow up to last year's "Vulture's Wisdom"). Ope's like the Sean P of Hiero all of a sudden, huh?

So in conclusion (heh)....3 albums of Hiero affiliation, 4 collab projects, and one truly dope and slept on release from someone I can honestly say I've met a few times (No, Therapy, you cannot have a "cigar"...We call them Ls up here, homey)....
I hope this year sounds a lot better than last...At least DJ AlBums and company got to toss out some wax in the name of Rhode Island/Southern New England....
Anyone out there wanna agree, disagree, argue, relate, comment, or complain?
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intrikit said...

super ramen rocket ship..YES!..but ace & ed.o?...the oc & ag would have been my pick..thats my two coins in a fountain anyways...

Labeless Illtelligence said...

I honestly never peeped the AG & OC...I'm an AG fan fah sho, but I'm not too keen on OC since that album after "Jewels"....

Machiventa said...

wow I thought 2009 was pretty dope:

Quite Nyce & Radar Ellis- Champs Vs The League
Tanya Morgan - Brooklynati
Scienz Of Life - Leviathan (Break The Spell)
Quite Nyce - Through My Eyes and the Hello My Name Is Quite Nyce mixtape
Radix - Monstaplex
Sene & Blu - A Day Late And A Dollar Short
Del & Tame One - Parallel Universes
: Masta Ace & Edo G - Arts and Entertainment
AG & OC - Oasis
CYNE - Water For Mars
UNI & Ro Blvd - A Love Supreme
Funkdoobiest - The Golden B-Boys
Diamond District - In The Ruff
Yu- Before Taxes
Oddisee - Mental Liberation
Lushlife - Cassette City
Soul Klap & Divine Minds - The Quan
Mr Lif - I Heard It Today
Rhymefest - The Manual
Kam Moye - Splitting Image
Grand Puba - Retroactive
DOOM - Born Like This
Wu Tang - Chamber Music
Saigon - All In A Days Work
Reks - More Grey Hairs
Krumb Snatcha - Hidden Scriptures
P.SO The Earthtone King - Earthtones
Paten Locke - Super Ramen Rocketship
Killa Priest - Elizabeth
Blaq Poet - Blaqprint
Super Chron Flight Brothers - Indonesia
Jazz Liberatorz - Fruit Of The Past
Fuze - Life Soul Flesh
Antipop Consortium - Fluorescent Black
J Dilla - Jay Stay Paid
Mos Def - The Ecstatic
Aarophat & Illastrate - The Black Noise LP
Sareem Poems - Black & Read All Over
Souls of Mischief - Montezuma's Revenge
Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II
Fresh Daily - The Gorgeous Killer

seems like I'm missing some

Labeless Illtelligence said...

Yo, I knew that the Doom "Born Like This" came out this past year....But that's all I woulda included....I stick to my decision that 2009 was pretty beat as far as ish I bought and how long lasting the effects were....I mean how long I could listen to it...Pardon my accidental drug referendum.....
I'm on some shelf life ish, yo, some ish dropped that was cool to listen to but would I listen to it still now? Feel me?
Thanks for adding on Machiventa!